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How to Be the Sweetest Boyfriend During Your Babe’s Period


Women have about 450 periods during their lifetime.
Even though you’ll never have to go through menstruation, it pays to know what goes on with your babe and how to care for her and make her comfortable. During the 3 to 7 days of menstruation, a lot is going on with your babe. She will feel irritable, uncomfortable [especially those that suffer terrible cramps], and hormonal shifts; she might become hyperactive, sluggish, super horny, angry, immobile and so on.

Meanwhile, you are supposed to be a great boo at every point; these 3-7 days require extra effort to make her comfortable and happy.

Here, I listed a few ways to take care of her.

1) Get her sanitary pads or tampons.

Getting Her tampons Caring ( How to Be the Sweetest Boyfriend During Your Babe's Period)
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Yes, it might seem odd for you to go to the supermarket or any market and ask the seller for a ‘pad.’ But trust me, your babe will appreciate it, which can help lighten her mood. Lightening her mood can help her control her emotions, so she doesn’t take anything out on you. This works especially for ladies with ‘Acts of service’ as their love language. As a guy, you should know what brand your babe uses, so you’ll be able to get her the right thing. The fact that you know will make her feel you’re paying so much attention to her, and trust me; this will improve your relationship.

2) Get her Food, please.

Get her Food Caring ( How to Be the Sweetest Boyfriend During Your Babe's Period)
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No, she’s not a food monger. Sometimes her hormonal imbalance causes her to do things she doesn’t normally do. So yes, Brother boo, get her food. Some ladies prefer goodies like ice cream, chocolate, cakes, and snacks; it depends on what you know your babe likes. You might ask her what kind of food she wants, but knowing what she loves and getting it for her will give you more points.

3) Be caring.

Be Caring ( How to Be the Sweetest Boyfriend During Your Babe's Period)
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Some guys don’t even bother checking up on their babes when they are on their period. Once they call in the morning to check up, they forget that a bae is going through something stressful somewhere. This isn’t good. Brother boo, kindly check up on your bae throughout the day, and for those whose babe goes through the pain and cramps for more than a day, always make it a point to remember.

4) Physical contact

Physical Contact Caring ( How to Be the Sweetest Boyfriend During Your Babe's Period)
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Women like physical touches when they are on their periods. Physical contact involves rubbing her back and tummy and even massaging her feet. Depending on what your babe wants at the moment, do for her. The pain mainly causes discomfort on the back as much as on the tummy. Surprisingly, the rubs work, I don’t know the magic behind it, but the hands of the one you love can ease some of the annoying cramps.

All in all, Brother Boo, your bae needs more attention during her period. Doing these wonderful things listed here can help. Please let us know in the comment section what you think should also be on the list.

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