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Rename The University Of Nigeria, Nsukka To Queen Elizabeth – Adamu Garba


Adamu Garba wants the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to be renamed after the late Queen Elizabeth II. The whole world has been mourning the death of the great Queen of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully, yesterday Afternoon in Balmoral Castle.

In Honor of her name, Adamu Garba tweeted that he wants the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to be renamed Queen Elizabeth University of Nigeria. Despite the University of Ibadan being the first University of Nigeria, Adamu Garba suggested UNN because it is the first University established after Nigeria became a sovereign state.

Remember that earlier this year, Adamu Garba contested in the APC primary elections in order to be APC flag bearer and further become the next president of Nigeria. But he eventually lost to Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
Adamu Garba’s tweet on Twitter has sparked many reactions from many people on Twitter. Some people have lambasted his public post while others have applauded his idea.

Below are some replies to his post

drsteroid –

This man talks before he thinks which is bad. This is someone who wanted to be the President of this Country, it is very obvious that those who involve in Politics in this country are not a true reflection of how intelligent we are in this Country. There is no difference between this garba Adamu and Buhari.


Quintopia – 

Would they ever rename their Oxford University or Cambridge after you or your own country’s monarchs?
Slave mentality he-goat.

 Wintertime Permit me to write this here under this topic , Is it because the woman who bash Elizabeth was Igbo the whole lot of you start ranting like what I don’t know . The same woman you are blasting Uju Anya is the same woman other Africans and some people of other countries are giving accolades for her not being hypocritical and speaking uP . While others said although she said the truth but she should had waited for a time. But as the going said strike when the iron is hot. She took a cake in the time when information about the time to gainer quick summary of the other part of Eliza . Well most of you who blast her, just because the queen help you to save your unity begging one Nigeria all in the name of Oil well… Gracias

Do you agree with Adamu Garba that the University of Nigeria, Nsukka be changed to Queen Elizabeth University of Nigeria in honour of the Queen or do you feel it’s not a nice move, let us know in the comment box

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