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Top 10 Michael jackson songs of all time


Michael Jackson was a legend, king of pop, and one of the best musicians of all time to have ever graced the Music industry. MJ’s songs happen to generate different reactions in people, during his concerts some people faint, some cry and go so emotional. He wasn’t only a good singer, but a very good dancer, also one of the best in the world. MJ gave us dance vibes, Music vibes, and his personality was so cool.

Michael’s songs are evergreen, this indomitable generation may not remember him but we’ve compiled the top 10 best MJ songs that are evergreen:

10. I’ll be there

I’ll be there, is another amazing song by the Jackson 5. The song is the first song of their first studio album and at the time was their fourth consecutive No.1 spot hit. The Jackson family was a Music genius family, everyone in the family was sound musically from little Michael to Joe Jackson. As usual, Michael was the highlight of the song blessing us with his beautiful voice.

I’ll be there, was certified platinum in Australia, and was also, inducted into the Grammy Hall of fame.

Watch Performance:

9. Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal, was written and performed by Michael Jackson in 1988.  The song is a danceable song, and the music video is arguably one of the best of all time. Michael Jackson pulls off a wonderful dance choreography from the beginning to the end of the song with his cool dance moves. Most of those moves are so hard that even if you were Chris or Usher you won’t be able to pull up those moves in many years.

Smooth Criminal peaked at Billboard Hot 100 No.7 position and spent 15 weeks on the chart.

Smooth Criminal was awarded:

  • People’s choice award for favorite music video
  • Brit Award for British video of the year

Along with many other nominations and awards.

Watch Official Video:

8. Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror, is a song off MJ’S ‘Bad’ album. The song pictures an impression of MJ talking to himself through a Mirror. The song contains really touching lyrics. Hey, you should try speaking to the man in the mirror to change his ways.

Man in the Mirror peaked in Billboard hot 100 No.1 spot for 2 weeks and spent 17 weeks on the chart. After his death in 2009, the song hit the No.2 spot on the UK singles Chart.

Man in the Mirror was certified 3x platinum in the United States and 2x platinum in the United Kingdom.

Watch Stage Performance:

7. ABC

“ABC, it’s easy as 123, as simple as Do re mi, ABC, 123″, quoted lyrics from the infamous ABC song by the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 is a musical band of the Jackson brothers. MJ was still very young when he sang the song with his brothers. Little Michael on the chorus, delivered an amazing performance. Definitely, ABC remains a song that is loved by kids since its release date in 1970 till this day.

ABC peaked in Billboard Hot 100 No.1 spot for 2 weeks and spent 13 weeks on the chart.

ABC received multiple nominations including 3 Grammy nominations and induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame. It also received special recommendations and honorariums from the United States Congress, Congressional Black Caucus, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and many others.

6. Say say say

Say say say, is a pop song collaboration by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. The song was released in 1983 and was a No.1 hit that year. Say say say, peaked at Billboard hot 100 No.1 spot for six weeks and spent 22 weeks on the chat. MJ as usually brought so much life to the song, this guy is so talented, he was a musical taliban.

The song was certified platinum in the United States and Canada.

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5. Don’t stop ‘Til you get enough

Don’t stop ‘Til you get enough is a record off MJ’s ‘Off the Wall’ album released in 1979. The song was fully written, produced, and performed by MJ. The song is also a danceable song with a love tone to it. Never stop till you get enough of Michael Jackson, can you ever get enough of the musical legend? Never.

Don’t Stop ‘Til you get enough, peaked at Billboard Hot 100 No.1 for 1 week and spent 21 weeks on the chart.

This hit song was also Certified 5x Platinum in the United States, and Certified Platinum in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Watch Performance:

4. Rock with you

Rock with you is a single off Micheal Jackson’s “Off the wall” album.

It’s arguably the last hit of the classic disco era and one of the best songs of all time. Usher also said in 2009, “Songs like ‘Rock with You’ made me want to become a performer”.

Rock with you peaked at Billboard Hot 100 No.1 spot for 4 weeks and spent 24 weeks on the chart. It reached the No.1 spot on both United States Pop and R&B charts, what a record!

Watch Performance:

3. Beat It

Beat It is a Rock song off MJ’s ‘Thriller album. If you want to dance to good music then Beat It is definitely the song you should play on repeat. The song has so much energy in it enough to brighten any atmosphere. Michael Jackson at the time produced the song for college students to enjoy, no wonder it’s so energetic, this is what college kids would have loved and still love. As we know it, you are really hyperactive when you are younger.

Beat It, peaked at Billboard Hot 100 No.1

Beat It won:

  • American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Song
  • American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock song.

Among many other nominations.

Watch Live Performance:

2. Billie Jean

She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she causes a scene…” this is a line from the famous MJ’s “Billie Jean”. Billie Jean is the second Single of MJ’s ‘Thriller album. This amazing song topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts within three weeks and stayed on the charts for 24 weeks. The lyrics have so many pickup lines you can learn from apart from it’s lively beat.

Billie Jean won the following awards:

  • Grammy award for Best R&B Song
  • Grammy Award for Best Male R&B vocal performance
  • Juno Award for International Single of the year
  • American Award for Favorite Pop/Rock song.

Watch Live Performance:

1. Thriller

Thriller by Michael Jackson was released in the year 1983. The song title was also the title of his multiple award-winning album. The Thriller music video is also a joy to watch, it’s so famous for MJ’s Zombie dance choreography in the video, it is so amazing and was a popular trend at the time. This music video has to be one of the best musical short films of all time. The Thriller album won MJ 8 Grammys in one night, and the Thriller song was one of the best songs on the album.

Thriller won:

  • Grammy Award for Best Music Video
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography
  • Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal performance
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video

Along with so many other awards and nominations not mentioned. He won all of these awards within a year.

Watch Live Performance:

Michael Jackson lived up to his hype during his lifetime and gave us back-to-back hit songs we’ll keep vibing to for many more years. If you are a fan of the King of Pop, tell us your best MJ song in the comment section.

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