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Top 10 Jang Uk – Mu Deok Moments We Can’t Get Over


The “Alchemy of Souls” gave us bromance (Yul, Uk and Dang Gu), a love triangle (Maidservant Kim Do Joo, Park Jin and Master Lee) but most importantly, the sweet and slow love that developed between Jang Uk and Mu Deok. Their love was an escape from all of that drama in “Alchemy of Souls”, and we are living for it.

Jang Uk and Mu Deok shared an enviable love story beyond romance.  They were helping each other grow and protected each other valiantly in “Alchemy of Souls”. While Jang Uk was pursuing his dream to unlock his powers and become one of the greatest mages like his father, he encountered the love of his life, Naksu. Naksu was a brutal assassin before she was forced to leave her original body and move into the body of another lady. After her soul had moved into the new body to cover her identity, she became Mu Deok. 

Both had to show how much love they had for each other, and this can be reflected in these lovable moments:

1. Jank Uk’s first encounter with Mu Deok

The first time Jang Uk saw Mu Deok was during an encounter at the courtesan house, Chwiseollru, where Mu Deok tried to kill him with a crab leg so she could escape. As funny as it sounds, she did try to kill him at first. But since she had lost her powers, she couldn’t cause any harm, and Jang Uk was able to catch on that she was the master he had been looking for. 

This right here was the beginning of the master-pupil, master-servant and blooming love relationship between the destined two in “Alchemy of Souls”.

2. The maid and master moment

When Jang Uk brought Mu Deok home and asked her to prepare his bath, Mu Deok showed us she was the most enduring person in Daeho. At this point, Jang Uk was determined to frustrate her and her efforts to please him since he knew what she was after (his Songrim plaque). Mu Deok kept imagining killing him but couldn’t do anything to her picky young master. Jang Uk was definitely not the nicest person, and that was what Yul had over him.

3. Park Jin’s failed plot

This is arguably one of the best moments in the movie. Park Jin, in an attempt to discover Mu Deok’s secret, locked her and Jang Uk in separate rooms. We had our hearts in our mouths at this moment, but true love came through. No one could have imagined both of them would answer that way. But luckily for both of them, they proved to be soul mates and gave him the same answer to his question.  After this was when Mu Deok placed a mark on Jang Uk with a kiss that wasn’t a kiss. I’m squirming! 

4. Mu Deok in wedding attire

When Mu Deok was trying on Cho Yeon’s wedding dress, she looked so beautiful, and Jang Uk was wowed. Although the wedding dress wasn’t hers, she stole the bride’s show, and Jang Uk couldn’t even hold his amazement. That part of the show was when we thought it was all going to be over. We finally enjoyed a bit of normalcy, but “Alchemy of Souls” being “Alchemy of Souls” and the ever-twist-loving Hong sisters (the writers of “Alchemy of Souls”)  just didn’t let this moment sink in properly. 

5. Mu Deok stabbing Jang Uk

Unfortunately, at a point when Mu Deok had gone wild due to Jin Mu’s plot, she stabbed Jang Uk. Mu Deok got so fierce and attacked everyone that came her way, and even Jang Uk wasn’t spared from her blade. Jang Uk, blinded with love, tried to save her from the attack of other mages trying to bring her down and got stabbed by Mu Deok. Uk had to keep the promise he made to Master Lee, but at that moment Mu Deok was trying to fight the ringing in her ears, and she lost. Well, he died for true love. Can you give your life for love? This moment between Uk and Mu Deok gave the “Alchemy of Souls” a 180° spin.

6. Jang Uk’s Love Confession

This is the moment when Jang Uk first confessed his feelings to Mu Deok and she had to act tough as most of our Nigerian ladies do. But as usual, she couldn’t hide her feelings for Jang Uk any longer. Just like Jang Uk, be brave in confessing your love even when she’s playing hard to get.

7. Mu Deok’s blood saves Jang Uk

jang Uk using tansu
jang Uk using tansu

Jang Uk was in a brutal duel with the Crown prince while he was still an amateur mage and the Crown prince was way over his league. Mu Deok took her time to teach Jang Uk her signature move, Tansu, which would help him win the fight. Their initial plan to use water failed as Jin Mu had taken all the water pots in the duel room. Mu Deok cut herself and threw a drop of her blood in the air for Jang Uk to use Tansu which won him the duel.

8. Drunk Mu Deok’s love confession

When you are drunk, you tend to confess your truths without any knowledge of doing so. Mu Deok, under the influence of alcohol told Jang Uk she liked him so much. So, if you want to get the truth from your babe or boo, try to get her drunk; the trick works.

9. Kiss in the Ice stone

At a point when there was chaos due to the greed over the power of the ice stone. The ice stone formed a barrier over Jang Uk and Mu Deok. Before Jang Uk ventured on, sacrificing all of his powers to break the ice stone barrier, he had a passionate kiss with Mu Deok. Mu Deok dropped her sword so she could earn the promise Uk had for her. Trust me, this moment definitely hits.

10. Mu Deok’s Jealousy moment

Yun Ok fell in love with Jang Uk at first sight when he was chasing after a soul shifter. After that moment, Yun Ok met him again at Songrim and tried to win over the love of her life.  Mu Deok quickly noticed this and tried to keep Uk from her. First, when he had to go to his room at Jeonjinggak to change his clothes after a duel, then second, when she couldn’t stand the sight of Uk touching Yun Ok under a tree at Songrim. 

The great Naksu was capable of love, and it was the young master of the Jang family that peeled that onion.

Is it right to say Jang Uk fell in love with Mu Deok? Or was it Naksu? These moments are just 10 of the heartwarming scenes that had us going awwww throughout “Alchemy of Souls”. But really, was it Mu Deok or Naksu? Let’s hear you out in the comment section.

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