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ANÍKÚLÁPÓ: What You Should Know


A man who, after a terrifying encounter with death, became a “miracle worker” to the people of Ojumo because he now possesses an antidote to death.

You have probably seen a lot of people on your contact list put ‘Don’t Be Like Saro’ on their status, or you have been seeing ‘ANÍKÚLÁPÓ‘ all around, you have been wondering if it’s overrated, but you don’t have a Netflix login or you haven’t gotten a chance to sit and watch. You should know IOI ‘gat’ you always, this is a synopsis (not a spoiler by the way)

A true life story of a man known as Saro, a skilled cloth weaver who learned his craft in Iseyin, Oyo State, practices in Gbongan, Osun State, but ends up in Oyo town where his story begins.

In Oyo town, Saro becomes involved with a woman who supposedly uses young and agile men like him to satisfy her sexual desires. He was forewarned but likes to live his life on his terms. Saro continued like this till he met the one he loves and loves him in return ‘Arolake’, but unfortunately, his beloved has been betrothed and is officially married, not to just anyone, but the king of Oyo town.

Both fueling their desire for love and intimacy decided to elope, which they “successfully planned”, they also planned to take some of the king’s properties but luck doesn’t conform to their strategy. The long arms of tradition catch up with them before their journey even began. Saro was killed, but a Yoruba bird known as “Akala” saves his life and gave him and his lover a charm that raises the dead.

After a journey of life and death, they met a man who leads them into another town known as “Ojumo” where they first put the charm into use. This charm was used on the son of the man who took them into Ojumo. 

After he rose the dead back to life, Saro’s name was changed to ANÍKÚLÁPÓ (the one who has captured death and put it in his pouch). The villagers made a home for him, Saro, and his lover Arolake settled there. 

His greed eventually took the best of him, as he betrayed his lover “Arolake”. He marries different women under the pretext of having children while mistreating her. 

Saro’s lover ‘Arolake’ after hearing Saro refused to wake the Prince of Ojumo because he lusted for the princess, left Saro’s house with her belongings. 

But can ANÍKÚLÁPÓ still be ANÍKÚLÁPÓ without Arolake? Was he able to marry the princess? Will he become a victim of death the second time? 

Find out what happened to Saro, or is it ANÍKÚLÁPÓ?

A movie by Kunle Afolayan.

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