Tuesday, June 25, 2024

5 Things To Expect From OAU Renovated Students’ Union Building


As e dey hot, the student union building (SUB), is prepared to take a new look. Many students are away from campus may be surprised to see the new look of the students union building when they resume.
The current innovation to the the building is not being handled by the Students Union Government (SUG) or the University but by an anonymous sponsor, whom we’ll reveal when the project is done
In this article, we are going to tell you the latest upgrade to the building.

1. New Exterior

The exterior and surrounding of the building is going to take a new look , it will be more beautiful and would  become one of the most amazing structures in the institution.

2. Upgrade of the facilities

The interior is also going to be transformed. These are some of the current facilities in the building that’ll be transformed; Bar, Conference room, Security room and TV room; which is designed to serve as another meeting and event center. The renovated conference room would be able to accommodate all official meetings.

3. Tech Hub

Part of new innovations to the building would be a tech Hub for OAU students. So, OAU peeps sef no carry last for the new plans.

4. SRC wing

The building would have the SRC wing containing new offices for the Speaker, Deputy speaker and Clerk. There are also provisions for the Judicial council and Transport committee.

5. CEC wing

The CEC wing which is expected to occupy a larger part of the building, would contain offices for the President, followed by the Secretariat; the office of the Secretary-General, Vice president’s office, Public relations officer, and offices for other members of the CEC.
There are many things to expect from this new mega building which is expected to be completed by the ending of this month. All information in this article was provided by members of the Students Union CEC. What do you think about this upgrade? Let us know in the comment box.

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