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How To Calculate Your O’ Level and UTME Score Into OAU Points for Admission


Different universities have different ways of calculating their required points for admission. While some use O’levels results, some don’t. Some use the UTME score alone, and some combine it with the Post UTME score. In short, there are different ways of achieving this, and you should know that for your choice of institution, so you don’t forfeit your chances of getting admitted.

Today, we want to guide our dear Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) aspirants on how to calculate their O’level and UTME scores into OAU points for admission

In OAU, the sum of three different examination points will make up your aggregate score that will determine if you will qualify for admission into the great citadel of learning or not. 

Note: this is for those using UTME for entry for their admission process.

The three different examinations are your UTME, O’ level, i.e., WAEC, NECO, and your Post UTME.

For your UTME, the minimum score is 200 to qualify for the OAU admissions process.

Then, to your O’ level, it can be your GCE, WAEC, or NECO result. The requirement is to have at least five credits in your O’levels. These five credits include English language and Mathematics and any other three subjects relative to your course, which is your Core. There are just nine grades you can have in your O’ level, which are F9, E8, D7, C6, C5, C4, B3, B2, and A1. In short, you are not expected to have below a ‘C6’ in any of the five required subjects. A combination of results is allowed, too, but it must not be in more than two sittings.

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Having established that, let’s dive into the main thing of how to calculate them into points. 

At Obafemi Awolowo University, your UTME score is 50℅ of your aggregate score. Your aggregate score is just the summation of your Post UTME Screening score( O’ level score +Post UTME score) with your UTME point. To convert your UTME into the required points, follow this procedure 

= Your UTME score× 50℅.   or          Your UTME score

  1.                                                 8

For example, let’s consider a Management and Accounting aspirant that has 284 in UTME; the points will be:

284  × 50℅.                                        284

  1.                                                       8

= 35.5℅

The answer using either of the two methods will give 35.5%. This means the aspirant has 35.5℅ out of 50℅

(You can as well calculate yours using the same procedure)

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Next is the calculation of your O’ level point. Firstly, take note of the points each grade carries in Obafemi Awolowo University

A1- 10 points

B2- 9 points

B3- 8 points

C4- 7 points

C5- 6 points

C6- 5 points

Also, note that your O’ level score is just 10℅ of the aggregate score. Now, to its calculations, let’s assume the previously mentioned Management and Accounting aspirant has the following grades:

English language – B2

Mathematics.       – B3

Government.         – C5

Economics            – C4

Accounting           – B3

The calculation will be:

Sum of the points of each grade × 10℅


= 9 + 8+ 6+ 7+ 8 × 10%


= 7.6

Also, you can divide by 5, and you will still get the same thing 

I.e.,  38/ 5     = 7.6

The calculation process is not as tedious as people tag it or think. It is straightforward. Try calculating yours, too, following the same procedure

Following this procedure, I can tell you have successfully determined 60% of your aggregate score. The remaining 40% is from your Post UTME score, of which IOI wishes you the best 

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