Saturday, June 15, 2024

OAU Resumption: How To Recover Your OAU Student Email Password


After staying at home for 8-months, it’s expected that many have forgotten their Matric numbers, portal password, and student email password. 
IOI is always here for you; you know?
If you forgot your password or username, or you can’t login to your student email follow these steps to recover your password . That way, you can use services like google classroom amongst other things .
Below are the important things you need to recover your password
1. Your Full name (remember, the one you are registered in OAU with , I.e Tunde Bakere John )
2. Your Matriculation number (I.e BCH/20xx/xxx)
3. Your Part (level , i.e part 2 )
4. Your OAU mail address. (It’s on your portal’s profile page I.e
“You are expected to send the information above in the exact other to the email below”
Example “Tunde bakare john , BCH/20xx/xxx , part 2 ,
We hope you found this helpful

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