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10 Reasons IOI CBT Portal Is All You Need To Score Above 35 In Your Post UTME Exam


OAU Post UTME is around the corner; luckily, it was postponed to November 1st, and hence, more spare time to ensure you ace your exam. With the IOI CBT portal, you have unlimited access to the question and exam preps to help you score above average, which would help increase your chance of gaining admission. 

Perhaps, you have been wondering why it’s important you sign up for the IOI CBT practice portal. But if you are reaching for a score above 35 in your Post UTME exam, read on to know the reasons why the IOI CBT portal is all you need to get your goals 

1. Affordability 

What more could be an advantage when looking for an excellent opportunity to get access to past questions to practice for your Post UTME than the affordability? IOI CBT Portal offers a free trial and a small price to get unlimited access to OAU Post UTME questions and the needed preps— prices ranging from just 500-1500 naira

2. Credibility 

The IOI CBT Portal was programmed by the bonafide of OAU herself. That said, you can be sure they are familiar with questions usually set in the school Post UTME and the pattern all created for your utmost practice. As a Post UTME aspirant, trust those with experience and resources to help you 

3. Mentoring Benefits 

As one of the Post UTME aspirants, you would need a guide to put you through and inspire your zeal to succeed. Signing up to access IOI CBT Portal has got among its benefits; opportunities to gain insights and enlightenment about the rules of the Post UTME

4. Unlimited Tests

With IOI CBT Portal, you can access several and unlimited past questions. What you can get at the snap of your fingertips, you don’t need to look far for it— give the time to practice on your mobile, questions and answers to test your readiness for the Post UTME 

5. Online Crash Tutorial 

Once the Post UTME exam is closing In, you don’t need to slack, and to prevent this, IOI CBT practice is the gateway to keep you at your best performance before the exam. For all interested aspirants, a rigorous online tutorial is at the pace to meet the exam without fear accustomed to most Post UTMEs

6. Exam Tips 

Once you register for the IOI CBT Practice Portal, you will get free exam tips and tricks on how-to to ace your Post UTME exam. This is one of the best parts of the setup for aspirants, and no kidding, you will get everything you should know about your exams while you explore the portal. 

7. Consultancy 

Every help and support you need as a Post UTME aspirant is available once you’ve registered to the IOI CBT Portal. The feature to reach out when you have conflicts and questions or any help regarding your exam— no way you’re going to get lost. 

8. Connection 

Registering for the IOI CBT Practice is only another way to get exposure and meet fellow aspirants like yourself. No competition, just aspirants trying to get the best experience necessary to tackle their Post UTME exam. Thereby, the void of doing it alone is filled!

9. Upgraded Version 

IOI CBT Portal has been boosted to have unlimited practice tests; the UTME Pro version has likely questions that are pretty shuffled out from Post UTME questions from the previous year(s). At an affordable rate, you will be unstoppable in reaching your dream score! 

10. Regular Updates 

Information is also one of the keys to helping you ace your Post UTME exam. To keep you at your feet and on the lookout for info, the IOI CBT Portal has the appropriate channel to give you regular updates and news concerning your exams. The updates will help you focus on the task ahead and, thus, better performance. 

If you’re an aspirant of the OAU upcoming Post UTME and have taken little or no steps to boost your performance for the exam, then it’s not too late to sign up for the IOI CBT Portal. Get started here for the UTME Pro version or check here for a more detailed description of the IOI CBT Portal 

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