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Biography– All You Need To Know About Mavin’s New Signee Bayanni


Don Jazzy has recently signed a new member into his Mavin dynasty, and it’s no other than the upcoming artist Bayanni who has been making good music since his breakout in the music industry.

Bayanni had put in the work from his aspiring years to circulate his piece of music on his social media page before he was called to action by the Don of Mavin himself.


Bayanni, whose real name is Oladokun Abimbola Elijah was born on the 25th of June, 1997. He is currently 25 years old. He is a singer and songwriter born and raised in Lagos, where he spent his early formative years.

The new upcoming artist was born into a family of five, excluding his parents, Bayanni has four siblings/brothers, and he is the third born of the boys. Bayanni was born into a musical family, which explains where he got his musical trait.


Bayanni had most of his education in Mainland Lagos— As a young upcoming artist, Bayanni believed in education and referred to the benefit; his producer, whom he met in school, used to produce songs together for seven years which helped his music journey. Bayanni is currently a first-year undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU.


Born into a music family, Bayanni has shown interest in music and would display his love and talent for music in his church choir, where he perfected his vocal and composing skills. Bayanni got all the family support he needed at the start of his career. Later, Bayanni pursued his music career solely by producing freestyles and covers of popular music from notable music artists in the country via his social media handles.


 In 2019, Bayanni promoted most of his songs on his social media platforms, Instagram to be specific, before he was hit up by Don Jazzy, the owner of one of the influential record labels in the country, Mavins. In an interview, Bayanni revealed how surprised he was when Mavin’s Don messaged him.

Don Jazzy invited Bayanni to his studio, where his journey beganBayanni trained at Mavins Academy for two years. He confirmed it has evolved over the past few years. The name “Bayanni” was birthed in his years with the Mavins as it means Brave, as his former nickname didn’t befit his attributes. Recently, the new mavin signee artist has released songs with count numbers on music platforms.


Bayanni broke out into the music artist limelight with his first EP and the self-named album “Bayanni,” so far, the album has four beautiful songs on the track list.

Bayanni stated why he named his first album “Bayanni”; according to him in an interview, self-naming the first albums is a kind of Mavin family tradition. Bayanni described it as a strategic way for the Mavins to let the name of its new artists stays while climbing to stardom.


Aside from his previous covers and freestyle songs, Bayanni as a rising artist has just released his official EP Album titled “Bayanni”, released on August  24, 2022. Here are the lists of songs on his EP Album:

  • Family
  • Body
  • Ta Ta Ta
  • Kala

These songs are making great hits and getting popular as Bayanni, the album that has no featuring artists.

When Bayanni was still using his former stage name, Zhenoboy, he made covers and freestyles while he was rumoured to be with DMW(Davido Management Worldwide). Below are the lists of the 2021 covers he did:

  • BMW
  • African Beauty
  • Felony
  • Peru(Remix Ft Fireboy)
  • Jowo (Remix)
  • Duro(Remix Ft Frescool)

Bayanni is now officially the additional new member of the Mavins family, in the lineups with Rema, Crayon, Ayra Starr, Magixx, Boy Spyce, and others that are making good fame in the music industry. And Bayanni is no doubt going to make his fame as well!

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