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Top 10 New WhatsApp Features And Hacks We Bet You Didn’t Know about


WhatsApp is no doubt the biggest and most Used Social Network in the world, In fact, it is more than a social network, the green App is now a compulsory tool for survival amidst Gen Z and Millenium , . There are always new hacks on all social media platforms of which WhatsApp is no exception.  Ever since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Meta, there have been fascinating updates & features. On Today’s episode of IOI-tech, we bring to you hacks & features we bet you don’t know about WhatsApp.  below are the top 10 new features and hacks on WhatsApp we bet you didn’t know existed. While we are on WhatsApp, Have you seen the IOI List of Top WhatsApp Influencers in Nigeria , click here to see

1. You can’t Screenshot View Only Once content

Initially, you can screenshot view only once media across all WhatsApp both on android and IOS but now you can no longer do that on android, some iPhone users can still reportedly do this, we are sure Meta would soon have this whole concept perfectly covered.

2. View People’s Status From Their Profile Picture Rings

Yeah, the same way you can view people’s stories on IG through their profile picture ring,  you can also do that on WhatsApp , since Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by the same parent company this isn’t a shock.

3. Leaving A Group Unknown To The Participant Except For The Admin

 Yeah, instead of regularly leaving the group and everyone would see and start to question you, you can quietly exit a group and only the group admin would be notified .

4. You Can Select Who To Know That You Are Online

Finally, something for us “Grade A Ghosters”, before today we have to explain why we are online and not replying to chats, this has always been a very big issue but Meta has finally listened to our plight, In the same way, you can block people from viewing your status; you can also stop people from knowing you are online to avoid unnecessary talks.

Instead of adding people to a group before placing a WhatsApp call, you can just quickly go to the call tab on the app , generate a link for your call and easily forward it to the people to want to join the call

6. Group Admin Can Now Delete Others’ Messages For Everyone.

Usually, it used to be just you that could delete your message for everyone, but now the group admin deletes a message for everyone .

7. There is a WhatsApp poll just like the Twitter poll

Do you know how you can create a poll on WhatsApp just like Twitter and gather people’s opinions & answers as regards different subjects?  Yes, you can now run a poll on WhatsApp and see poll results after the user vote.

8. Reaction to WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is coming longer this time around; you can now quickly react to a person’s status without having to reply with a text .

9. Number of users in Groups has been increased likewise for Voice Calls

Usually, a group can only contain about 512 people, but now it’s doubled, a WhatsApp group can now take 1024, and  the number of participants for a video call is 8 times the actual number which is 32

10. There is a community group.

It has to be the best feature ever because you can now add all of the groups you are an admin to in one community and easily reach out to them. Easy right?Whats

It seems WhatsApp is in a competition with itself because the interval between these amazing updates is just so incredible! I wouldn’t be surprised if you can teleport using your WhatsApp by next year because Meta is taking these “updates thing” a little too personal. Don’t lie, how many of these updates did you know before this article?

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