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Top 10 Departments In OAU With The Highest Number Of Third Class Honours (2022)


As weird as it may sound, graduating with 3rd class in OAU is equivalent to some university’s first class, Obafemi Awolowo University, best known for its beautiful campus & ladies, is actually no piece of cake when it comes to graduating. Third-Class Honours with a CGPA range of ( 1.50 – 2.39%) is the lowest honours degree achievable.  A total of 636 students out of 5852 graduated with a 3rd class (Honours), at the just concluded 46th convocation ceremony, I present to you Top Departments in OAU with the highest number of Third Class (Honours)

10. Foreign Languages – 15

The Department of Foreign Languages at Obafemi Awolowo University has recently come under scrutiny for producing the highest number of third-class degrees among its students. In the most recent graduating class, 15 out of the 50 students from the department received third-class degrees. This is a cause for concern, as it is significantly higher than the average number of third-class degrees awarded by the university.

This is a department under the great Faculty of Arts. This department has three sub-degree programs. They include; French, German, and Portuguese. Foreign languages are not a joke and are expensive when it gets to field trips. 15 students graduated with a third-class degree in the department.

9. Psychology – 19

Psychology is under the Faculty of Social Sciences, with proud students who think they know what you are thinking about. There’s no doubt about it being a challenging course/department yet they were able to produce a total number of 19 graduates with third class.

8. Philosophy – 21

The Philosophy department had 21 graduates with third-class honours. They must probably be questioning every reason, knowledge, and existence as to how. Well, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched, after all, they’ve constantly been doing that for 4 years.

7. Botany – 23

This is a department under the Faculty of Science, one of the oldest and most challenging faculty at Obafemi Awolowo University. This course isn’t easy and also involves a lot of practicals. A total number of 23 students graduated with a third-class degree in this department.

6. Zoology – 28

Anybody that did ZOO (popular name), especially in part 1 has basically been through fire. it is one of the toughest departments in OAU. Producing only 28 third-class graduates should give you an idea of the various wishes of failed students coming to pass.

5. Economics – 31

The Department of Economics at OAU was founded in 1962 as one of the foundation departments at inception. With only a total of 31 graduates making it to third class. Tasked with studying how society uses limited resources, and maybe that’s why they limited themselves from getting a higher honour.

4. Arts and Social Science Education – 32

Are they under the Arts or Social Sciences faculty? Actually, it’s neither. Surprisingly, with so many controversial words in their name, they are fixed under the Faculty of Education. This department produced 32 third-class honours graduates. At least they were sure about that.

3. Family, Nutrition, and Consumer Science – 49

The Family, Nutrition, and Consumer Science department at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) have been producing a disproportionately high number of third-class graduates in recent years, compared to the number of first-class graduates. The department produced 49 third class out of 101 graduands

2. Microbiology – 85

Microbiology is known to be for wounded doctors and physiotherapists and is the second most competitive course in the faculty of science. With their large population, it is no surprise that the graduates would spread themselves into different honours of ranking. Well, only about 85 made it to third-class.

1. English – 97

The infamous & jinxed department of English, this department has the highest number of beautiful girls in OAU, but these beauts are seeing 20-30 shege per week. The department of English, Faculty of Arts is one of the toughest courses to study at OAU. For 21 years, as far back as 1997 when Professor Akinmade Akande last graduated with a first-class honour no student was able to achieve that feat till 2018 when two graduates broke the ill luck and the rest is history.  The department of English produced 97 third-class students out of 253 students.

Departments like English are infamous for producing “zero” first class and the highest number of third class & second class lower each year. Graduating with a third class doesn’t mean you are dull in OAU; Students in this university face a lot of academic issues, you can attend all classes, have several sleepless nights, read really well and still end up with a third class.

To the current undergraduates, this shouldn’t stop you from reading well and aiming for first class, no matter how tough graduating with first class is, OAU still produces at least 100 each year, and you can be part of those students.

In an Artificial Intelligence(AI) century like this, life is way bigger than your CGPA although your CGPA might be a considering factor nevertheless, 6 out of every 10 companies these days are more interested in what you can offer, the skills you have, and how well you can solve their problem, so just because you are on third class doesn’t mean you have failed in life. Just like Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” , so brace up comrade, do your best and be happy.



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