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Top 5 Most Used Laptop Brands In OAU


Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is a renowned institution of higher learning located in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. As a top educational institution, it is not surprising that students rely heavily on laptops to facilitate their academic pursuits.
Obafemi Awolowo University has no doubt the highest number of rich kids living above the sapa index. One of the Verified ways to recognize a rich OAU student is through the gadget they use. 
When you visit any OAU lecture theatre at night, you would probably think it’s a gadget store with the different brands and models of laptops you will see on the table
Laptops have become an essential tool for students and professionals alike.
In this blog, we will delve into the most popular laptop brands in OAU

1. HP

Did you know that HP actually stands for Hewlett-Packard? Well now you do. Bill Hewlett and David Packard actually founded the company in Palo Alto, California in the year 1939. Now it is without doubt that this is a favorite among OAU students. Like about 75% students in a lecture theater would own a HP laptop. After all it is loved for its’ reliability, security, compact and lightweight designs. Not to mention the long battery life and connectivity options. I mean that’s a lot of tempting features. In fact for every student in a lecture theater, about 75% would be HP brand users.

2. Lenovo

Lenovo wasn’t actually ‘Lenovo’ until 2003. In 1984, when Liu Chuanzhi and his colleagues founded the company it went by the name- New Technology Developer Inc. Quite a mouthful right? Well one thing generally accepted upon is that by the time the company was called legend, it really was one. Most OAU students don’t know much about Lenovo except those that have really done their assignments. Well those that haven’t can always count on deliberty to provide whatever information they need on not just laptops, but also on other gadgets like phones, power banks and even game consoles. All you have to do is call them (+2347035157175 or +2347063387305). You can confirm that Lenovo has one of the fastest growth in the tech market. This is due to having exceptionally engineered products that use innovation to bring progress to the world. It was noted that almost 60% of students in a bus would own a Lenovo laptop.

3. MacBook

Apple laptops are unquestionably iconic pieces of fashion. Like the early variations of Apple’s laptops, there is something remarkable about the lines of a MacBook. These early designs served as the standard for all subsequent manufacturers to try and emulate. Of course in a place where apple products are seen as gold and with some OAU students that just want to oppress, it is normal that a lot of big boys and girls try to get this particular brand. Though aside from being a brag item, Mac makes it easy to find what you need, stay organized and take on any task. In one word, it is user-friendly. And about two-thirds of students in every Faculty would have one or know someone with one.


Here’s a new fact, DELL is actually an acronym of Digital Electronic Link Library. It was founded by Michael Dell in the year 1984 who was then a student at the University of Texas, Austin. Even though he later dropped out (don’t even try it) to achieve his aim of selling compatible computers. As a child, I thought computers and laptops only came in the DELL brand. I would literally see it everywhere and I’ve come to realize it’s due to its’ affordable prices for almost the same features as other expensive brands. It is without doubt a family’s favorite and from what I can see, a lot of OAU students feel attached to it. This is why about 80% of students in hostels on campus have one.


This is where your knowledge of Greek mythology gets tested. Do you know the Pegasus? The winged horse? That embodies strength and purity? Ring any bells?

Well the company got its’ name from the fantastic creature partly because it wants to soar to new heights with each new product it creates. You know what they say about two heads being better than one? Now imagine four heads; T. H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M. T. Liao.

With all the sapa going around it is natural to want something that would last as consolation for the hole it would make in one’s pocket. This is why a lot of OAU students also tilt towards ASUS. They  are known for the world’s best motherboards and high quality PCs, routers and other technology solutions. Kinda reminds me of deliberty. I guess the only thing missing would be their amazing customer service of giving soft loans; selling, swapping, buying and repair of all original phone and laptop accessories. The 57% of students who use this brand has a high chance of having got it from them.

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Of course there are several others but when it comes to pairing OAU students with their perfect laptops, then it’s going to be one of these 5. It’s almost like tradition the way it just revolves around these all time favorites.

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