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Top 5 Departments You Shouldn’t Move Close To If You Are Looking For a Serious Relationship In OAU as a guy


On entering a relationship, it is best to define it from the start. Ask a simple question like to what end is this relationship to prevent waste of time, energy, and emotion. Obafemi Awolowo University  popularly known for its amazing structures & beautiful ladies is no doubt one the top universities where “breakfast” is served hot hot ! An average OAU student would likely experience 2-3 “Breakfast’ (heartbreaks) in their 4 years of studying.

It is important to know departments where ladies there are best known for serving “breakfast“, to prevent stories that touch. As much as a tiny voice is screaming to your ear “go ye into a relationship“, there are some departments in OAU you shouldn’t move close to if you need a serious relationship

1. Dramatic Art

As the name sounds, entering a relationship with ladies in this department means you have a lot of drama to face. They are not the best for a guy that is just after the bag. Neither are they best for a guy that loves his peace and never violence. They will come for your peace guy!. As widely believed in OAU, only a dramatic art student can date a dramatic art student.

2. Microbiology

Ladies here are known for back-to-back practicals, the little time they have is for a cruise, Netflix, and chill. As much as they are very much family oriented, it doesn’t show forth due to the lack of time to manage their relationship, which in the long run leads to a break. If you are looking for a serious relationship then this place is a no-go area.  

3. Agriculture Economics

As beautiful as these department ladies are, the general opinion is that they are not down for relationships. They are more open to cruises and social gatherings, beach parties are not excluded. They can cancel an agreement at the last minute just to catch up with clashing fun. Guy run o.

4. English

Ladies here are known for their high taste. He must own a car and the like. So you have a high standard to meet up. Once you stop meeting up you start getting attitude from them. They are known for their high rate of breakfast and are also cosmetic freaks. By the time you are done meeting up with those standards and sorting those consecutive bills, there is a high probability you will not have any savings. Your finance is beeping the red light, run!

5. Linguistics

Linguistic ladies are known to be players. They will play you and still justify themselves with the use of English and phonetics. Trust me you do not want to go through the stress. So this department is a no-go area for serious relationships too.

Relationships can be heaven or hell depending on the circumstances. Use the tips above to guide yourself through the process of evaluating how happy and healthy your relationship is and conduct regular health checks.

PS – This article is basically meant for cruise and based on the writer’s experience, amidst all of these, we have people in 5 years’ relationship from these departments, so it isn’t that bad. There are definitely girlfriend material  over 1 million yards in these departments too.

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