Monday, June 24, 2024

Other Ways To Vote In The Upcoming Election Without A PVC


Nigerians will yet again soon decide the next four years of their lives. The upcoming election, scheduled for 2023, it’s a crucial yet competitive event—a competition between the candidates and also their people. It’s no doubt that any Nigerian still political apathetic has a FATHER LAND in waiting.  

With the compulsive demand for PVC and every eligible person to get one, we know there are complications and situations that will hamper the acquisition of one.  Here, you will be shown how to vote without a PVC! 

1. Raise Election Awareness

Yes, this way you’ll be more than just sulking about not being able to be a registered voter. You can preach to fellow Nigerians, how important this era that comes every four years is to them.  

2. Enlighten Registered Voters

You might not be able to vote but you can make thousands of people cast theirs rightly. People are angry and can be very insensitive while acting on emotions. You can help them by telling them see what Nigeria has lacked in the aspects of leadership.  

3. Follow up with your candidate

You’re wondering how this will help? Following up with the progress of your candidate’s campaign can help promote the intention of such candidate, giving insights to people on what is in stock for them.  

4. Highlight the repercussions of a wrong vote

Yes! Let people know that they are not only marring their future, but the future of generations to come. Preach on how it’s up to them to decide, if we lose more young bloods and hinder the growths of many.  

It’s high time we know, it’s not only by acquiring a PVC but also following a sincere system with the right strategies. Don’t wait till you have a permanent Voter’s Card till you help this Nation. CHANGE BEGINS WITH US! 

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