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Top 10 States In Nigeria With The Most Beautiful Girls (2023)


   Every state in Nigeria has its own culture and tradition, as well as uniqueness and beauty. In the same manner, each girl in each state has her own personality, individuality, great looks, and true beauty. It is also popularly accepted that women always have the highest number in every populated country such as the United States. So, you will always find numerous pretty-looking girls with unique qualities.

This topic is a very interesting subject of discussion, the debate over which state has the most beautiful girl has never faded from the spotlight in Nigeria. That’s also very obvious in past Nigerian beauty contests. Nigerian beauty is something that has captivated men since times past, and it has remained so until today. Beautiful Nigerian girls have many types of charming qualities and distinct features that define them as ”beautiful girls”.

After conducting a series of surveys both online and off, we were able to pick our top 10 states that have the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Let’s take a look at those states.

1. Imo State:

The Igbo tribe primarily resides in Imo state which is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The state is blessed with beautiful ladies and natural resources including crude oil, natural gas, and agricultural products. Girls from this state are the most beautiful in the realm since they have received special favour from the gods. Not surprisingly, it attracts the largest number of festival participants and trends. With the most attractive women in Nigeria, girls from this state have received prizes that no other state can match.

2. Lagos State:

Lagos, the current economic capital of Nigeria is located in the southwest part of the country. It is populated mostly by the Yorubas as the largest ethnic group, followed by the Igbo and the Edo. There are also many other girls from other ethnic groups in Lagos, such as those of the Calabar, Hausa, and Fulani groups, as well as a small number of international immigrants. In addition, Lagos is one of the busiest and fastest-growing cities in the world, with valid reasons; it has some of the most beautiful beaches and tourist attractions in the world. It should come as no surprise, then, that the centre of excellence is populated by very hot and fashionable ladies from illustrious families. The Lagos girls stand out for their unique black beauty.

3. Cross River State:

The view of the state is mind-blowingly stunning since it has so many amazing tourist attractions. The Efik are the predominant inhabitants of this area. The state’s peaceful and all-encompassing atmosphere is complemented by the abundance of plainly beautiful women; the women are also well-known for their culinary prowess. The women will blow your mind with their flawless appearance. They work really hard and efficiently. The people are warm and inviting, and the style of preparing food is so sweet. Their women are also very good in bed. They are also known for their intricate hairstyles and beadwork, which are a symbol of their cultural identity. Women also play a significant role in the social and economic life of their communities.

4. Anambra State:

Girls from Anambra State are also very beautiful. Anambra State is located in southeastern Nigeria and is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse population. It is a state dominated majorly by the Igbo and a minority of the Igala. A land of promise which is rich in crude oil. Anambra girls are independent and hardworking. They love men that are ambitious and industrious even if such a guy doesn’t have enough money yet.

5. Enugu State:


Popularly known as the coal city state. The people and inhabitants of Enugu are known for their love for palm wine. Surely, you will be dazzled by the women of Enugu state. There’s no way to walk around Enugu without stopping to stare at these naturally gorgeous ladies. The Igbo people and minorities of Idoma and Igala ethnic tribes dominate this part of Nigeria. Enugu is a state that is enriched with history and exceptionally beautiful ladies. A beautiful city with beautiful women.

6. Delta State:

Delta people are caring and known for their acts of hospitality. No wonder the state is named the big heart of the nation. Delta state ranks sixth among the states with the most beautiful women in Nigeria. Delta state is one of the leading producers of crude oil and Natural gas in Nigeria.  Asaba is the capital city, whereas Warri is the economic hub. The state is inhabited by different ethnic groups such as; the Ika Urhobo/Isoko, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Igbos, and among the many other groups represented in this area. In my opinion, the sum of the attractive women in Asaba, Agbor, and Oghara is sufficient to place Delta in the top ten. Some of Nigeria’s most attractive, passionate, and captivating young women may be found right here.

7. Rivers State:

A state that was formed out of the Eastern region of Nigeria. It is known as the treasure base of the nation, and the 6th most populous state in Nigeria. It is occupied by different ethnic groups such as; Ikwerre, Ibani, Opobo, Eleme, Okrika, Kalabari, Etche, Ogba, Ogoni, Engenni, Obolo, and many others call Rivers State home. It is also one of the most oil-rich states in Nigeria. River State ladies are known for their natural beauty and elegance. They have a unique and diverse mix of African and cultural influences which gives them a distinctive look. Many River State women have dark skin, curvy figures, and beautiful facial features. They take pride in their appearance and often dress in traditional attire or modern clothing that enhances their beauty. Overall, the beauty of River State women is a combination of their physical appearance, cultural heritage, and confident attitudes, making them truly beautiful inside and out.

8. Ogun State:

A state located in the Southwest part of Nigeria with Abeokuta as its capital. Its major cities include Ijebu Ode, Sagamu, Ijebu Igbo, Ogere Remo, Iperu, Ilaro Ayetoro, and Ota. The girls of the Ogun kingdom are highly regarded among Yoruba girls. They have both good looks and a sharp mind, all in one convenient package. Ogun State ladies are also known for their diligence and resilience. Overall, the beauty of Ogun State girls is a combination of their physical appearance and cultural heritage making them truly beautiful and inspiring. They are so very great at cooking and satisfying in bed.

9. Kano State:

A state located in the Northern part of Nigeria. It is the largest state dominated by the Hausa tribe. The second largest economic city in NigeriaNatural beauty awaits you in Nigeria’s northern area, also known for its agricultural commercial activities. The centre of commerce is occupied by beautiful dark Hausa girls.

10. Edo State:

Edo state is popularly known as the heartbeat of Nigeria, with Benin city as its capital. The state consists of different ethnic groups such as Igarra, Etsako/Afemai, Esan, Okpamheri, Okpe, Ora, Akoko-Edo, Igbanke, and Emai. The Esan girls are one of the most beautiful in Edo state. Overall, their local ladies are stunning, active, and positive. Surprisingly, the most beautiful girl in 2014 is from Edo State.

Conclusively, Nigeria is a country rich in cultural heritage and diversity, and this is reflected in the beauty of its women. From the dark-skinned, curvy figures of Kano State girls to the elegance and confidence of River State ladies, there is no denying that Nigeria has an abundance of beautiful women. Each state in Nigeria has its own unique mix of cultural influences and traditions, which contributes to the distinctive beauty of its women. Whether it’s the traditional attire of Ogun State women or the intelligence and resilience of Anambra State girls, there is no shortage of beauty in Nigeria. It is impossible to choose just one state as the best in terms of beauty, as each state has its own unique qualities that make its women truly beautiful. Beauty is subjective and varies from person to person, and in Nigeria, there is no shortage of beautiful women to admire and celebrate.

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