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Top 10 health benefits of Garri, corn and Cassava (GCC)


Garri, corn, and cassava are brothers, sisters, and cousins, They are significant staple food varieties in many regions of the world, especially in Africa. These foods give a huge source of nutrition and energy, which is significant for keeping up with great well-being i.e They’re foods different from bala blue bulaba in the sense that they’re cheaper compared to other food and they can still give us the required nutrients. The president-elect of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a big fan of Gaari, Corn, and Cassava (GCC), he constantly mentioned the fact that Nigerians would feed on these 3 nutritious supplements if he emerges as Nigeria’s next President. Guess who would be feeding with Gaari , Corn and Cassava now? Nigeriansssssss !

Looking closely, Gaari, Cassava, and corn aren’t that bad, in fact, it nutritionally equivalent to chicken and chips. We present to you the top 10 health importance of Garri, corn, and cassava (GCC)

1) It provides energy for the body

Garri, corn, and cassava are carbohydrates making them have a high content of sugars, which give a quick source of energy for the body. Sugars are an essential supplement for the body, as they are broken down into glucose, which is utilized to fuel the cells of the body. Having known that an average Nigerian sees 8-10 shege per day, my dear you need all the energy you can get to withstand it.

2) They are great for digestion

Garri, corn, and cassava are wealthy in dietary fiber, which is significant for keeping up with healthy absorption. Fiber assists in preventing constipation and other stomach-related issues, as it assists in regulating bowel movement and improving the development of healthy gut bacteria.

3) They serve as a source of vitamins and minerals

Garri, corn, and cassava are great sources of nutrients and minerals that are important for keeping up with good health. For instance, these food sources contain vitamins A, C, and E, as well as minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium.

4) They boost the body’s immune system

These food sources are plentiful in L-ascorbic acid, which is a significant supplement for helping the body immune and fighting infections or diseases. L-ascorbic acid assists with invigorating the development of white platelets, which are responsible for fighting germs and infections.

5) They are good for the Heart

instead of giving Amaka/emeka your heart, give it to Garri, corn, and cassava (GCC) , GCC are low in fat and cholesterol, which makes them great food varieties for keeping up with heart well-being. These food varieties are likewise rich in potassium, which assists with controlling blood pressure and lessening the risk of heart disease.

6) They provide antioxidants for the body

Garri, corn, and cassava all contain antioxidants, which are significant for preventing harm to the cells of the body. Antioxidants also help to kill harmful free radicals, which can cause oxidative damage to the cells and improve the development of chronic infections.

7) They are good for the brain

These food varieties are rich in B-nutrients, which help keep up with good brain health. B-nutrients help in improving the nervous system and work on mental capability.

8) Source of Protein

Garri, corn and cassava are great sources of plant-based protein, which is significant for building and fixing tissues in the body. Protein is also important for keeping up with great muscle health and keeping up a healthy weight.

9) They are very good for Bone health

These food varieties are rich in calcium, which is responsible for the maintenance of strong and healthy bones. Calcium is essential for building and keeping up with bone strength, which assists with preventing osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

10) They provide sustained energy

Garri, corn, and cassava are complex carbs, and that implies that they give sustained energy over a longer period. This makes them a great food for keeping up with energy levels for the day, and for the improvement of healthy weight.

Conclusively, Garri, corn, and cassava (GCC) are extremely important staple food varieties that give a great source of sustenance and energy. These food varieties are rich in nutrients, minerals, and other basic supplements that are significant for keeping up with great well-being. By integrating these food sources into your eating routine, you can partake in an extensive variety of medical advantages that will assist with supporting your general prosperity. Get ready comrade, it’s Gaari, Corn & Cassava season!

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