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22 OAU students shared with us the longest distance they have ever trekked on campus


Walking long distances on Africa’s most beautiful University, OAU can be exhausting, especially when you’re already dealing with the stress of coursework and exams. In a fresh episode of Trybe’s Opinion , we asked 20+ OAU students to share the longest distance they’ve ever had to trek on campus.
In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some of the most hilarious response we got

1. @OdunayoSodiya 

“Dead broke, trekked from Rectas off-key to Old E.D.M, got a call from a friend to meet at school in Quarters that work dey, so I trekked from E.D.M to Quarters, still trek back to E.D.M for  S.I.W.E.S project, finally na leg I use leg am comot campus at the end of the day Funny enough, I didn’t get the Job … I just trekked to and fro quarters for fun ni..”

2. @Emmanuel_grillz _

“From AP to campus gate. During cash scarcity”

3. @kofoworolaFat

“Campus gate to Mozambique hall”

4. @mrfrank4520

omo i was crazily broke and i had something to do on campus, i trekked from inside parakin estate to inside campus, then to road 23 at staff quaters, to and fro back to parakin. ahhhhhh wen i remember those days of trekking, i just smile and give thanks to God. 

5. @Milk_Emperor

“Post utme tutorial days, I Walked from Rd 7 gate to the last end of new market Did it more than once”

6. @Ella_tessa28

“Part one days i trekked From Fblt to Amphitheater and then 1000 seaters and then Sslt at My faculty just in one day. I knew that day that there was more to the “Struggle”  added it this school anthem.”

7. @Temi_iyanda

“SUB to Campus gate Fitness walk”

8. @very_uniquedami 

“I trekked from campus to parakin. Was dead broke. When I look back at that time I wonder why I hadn’t just begged for lift cos I was so tired I woke up late for SER the next day.”

9. @Hoyinlorla

“From local government area to main campus”

10. @SamOlutomisin

“Local government department to Road 1 gate”

11. @_dharmie_19 

“Moz to faculty of tech”

12. @OlaniyiOmolar14

“Trekked from banking area to campus gate”

13. @adu_hezhee 

“Gate to Faculty of Agriculture  bus price hike and arinze death case”

15. @AmMeticulous

” Duting Part 1. I trekked from Mozambique Hall to Spider to and fro”

16. @ha6185402

“Should be from my dept(COHS)/academics to campus gate and it was when buses weren’t working”

17. @FortuneAdeyemo

“Road 13 to akintola”

18. @olusho101 

“From religious ground to campus gate, it was this new year cross over with my niggas”

19. @OlusolaFaleti

“Campus gate to awo”

20. @busaunlimited3

“Many miles”


” During Post UTME tutorial struggle I trekked from the end of new market to Road 24 in quarters, that’s the end of quarters. It took me over 1hr 30 minutes. I cried half of the journey”

22. @_spiriituaL

“Let me drop this moment. My first time traveling abroad, I entered the plane and turned left, the air hostess called me back and said “this is not your class.” I swallowed my spit & respected myself.
Then we had a long stopover and i was so tired, needed to sleep and relax my head, again, i saw people walking into this nice comfortable lounge so i followed them. They asked for my boarding pass again and the response was “This is not for your class”.

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