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3 Fascinating Ways Partying Boosts Your CGPA


Are you reading this article right because you’re a student who loves partying a lot and sees it as proof that it’s not as bad as some of your colleagues called Spirit Koko think? If you fall under the serious category of students, always looking for ways to reach that first-class goal and curious to know how attending parties can help, it’s also cool. In the list below are some of the ways partying can help boost your GP:

1. Partying Helps To Relieve Stress

Every child sent to the university is always expected to graduate with a first-class. You would agree with me that parents will never pray for you to come out with third class, even if they’re quite aware of your academic challenges. While some of us decide not to let this pressure consume us, others find it difficult to push through. If this is not handled properly, stress sets in. Thankfully, partying is a proven way to relieve stress. While dancing or singing along to your favourite songs at the top of your voice, you tend to forget all your worries and focus on savouring the moment. After becoming stress-free, it becomes easier for your brain to assimilate things.

2. Partying Opens You To New Academic Opportunities

The main reason behind every party indeed is for you to have fun and socialize. But amidst getting more cups of Chapman and playing truth or dare, you can meet friends who can take your career to a whole new level. If you’re one of those people who think partying is for losers alone, you need to change that mindset. I was shocked myself after finding out medical students whom we expect to be “nerdy” actually party more. Different types of students can attend parties, including those who can tutor you till you understand a particular course better and those you can work on a project with to gain more marks. When students meet at parties, their relationship either proceeds to be more academically beneficial or in other ways.

3. Partying Can Help Boost Your Academic Knowledge

As someone who loved parties, I made sure to attend the fresher’s welcome party my departmental excos organized and trust me, my effort didn’t go in vain. Before then, I didn’t know the name of our H.O.D (Head Of Department) but I didn’t leave that gathering without getting it. However, this is not a call for students to abandon studying and focus only on parties alone to gain academic knowledge. Participating in a party, especially one where academic games are played can help you gain more academic knowledge. I think one of the reasons why kindergarten students learn faster is because they mix work with play. Considering all that has been said, it’s most likely you won’t want to miss the opportunity to munch on some tasty snacks sip a glass of fruity juice and party your stress away. Yet, always remember that moderation is key. Partying at the expense of your academic success is never a good idea.

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