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Top 10 Most Saturated Tech Skills


The world is becoming more dependent on technology; therefore, the demand for tech experts is high and increasing daily. There are a lot of tech skills that are in high demand and attract newcomers into tech but many of these skills are oversaturated; that is, there are too many people working with that particular skill set. We bring you 10 popular but saturated tech skills and a brief overview of each, including the justification for saturation. As a tech expert or an individual looking to break into the world of tech, read on to learn more about oversaturated tech skills. 

1) Software Development

Software development is a category name for skills like front-end, back-end, full-stack, and game development. Over the years, there has been a high demand for software developers, which has brought a lot of experts into the market, including new people who have an interest in learning the skill. This has boosted competition for employment and projects and made it more difficult for newcomers to enter the market. 

According to a Glassdoor estimate, over 1.4 million software developers are working in the US alone. The survey also mentions that between 2019 and 2029, the number of software developers is anticipated to increase by 21%, indicating that there will likely be a fierce rivalry for positions in this industry.

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another tech talent that has seen a lot of professional use is search engine optimization (SEO). For websites and online content to appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), SEO must be optimized. Since online presence has become so crucial to businesses, there has been a tremendous increase in demand for SEO specialists. In the United States, there were around 115,000 SEO specialists as of 2020, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate. 

Even though this figure may appear small in comparison to other digital abilities, the market has grown extremely competitive as there are new inflows every year, making it more and more difficult to survive in the industry. With the ongoing rush of AI and AI-related tools for SEO, many companies don’t need the help of SEO specialists anymore to perform simple keyword and search optimization jobs.

3) Web Development

One of the most popular tech skills is web development, where there are currently 1.6 million individuals employed in the United States alone. Web development is the process of creating or building web applications.  Despite being a large tech skill, web development is growing more and more competitive as more people enter the field. It’s not surprising that this industry has reached saturation point given the growth of website builders and other machine tools that make web production easy.

4) Visual or graphic design

Graphics design is a highly saturated tech field, with almost five out of every twenty people capable of performing simple design tasks. It might be challenging for novice designers to break into the profession given that there are now limited graphic design opportunities to go around.

Graphic designers are still in demand, but as more people join the workforce, competition in the industry is growing. Canva is one app that makes this skill easier to learn and produces output for experts, but non-technical people also use these apps to create straightforward designs from the numerous drafts and templates available on this platform, thus reducing the inflow of jobs or work available to experts.

5 Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a crucial component of many organizations’ marketing plans to increase sales, drive organic traffic, make their products, goods, or services reach a wider audience, and promote their services on various social media platforms. This technical skill is in high demand. Social media marketing has always been easy to learn and monetize, but this has attracted a lot of people and made the tech space for social media marketing saturated.

6) Project administration or management

This is simply a skill that requires the expert to manage projects for a particular company or group and serve as the specialist to bring such projects from start to completion. It involves processes such as managing resources, managing risks, and taking care of budgets to ensure the proper execution of projects. The tech industry depends heavily on project management, and it’s getting harder for new project managers to break into the sector. Project management is quite lucrative; therefore, it’s probable that it will become even more competitive in the years to come.

7) Data Analytics

Data analytics is simply a tech skill that requires the expert to examine and extract meaningful patterns and information from a large set of data. There is always a need for data analytics experts in different fields including health, finance, and technology to help sort through the massive data and draw meaningful conclusions with the use of statistical and analytical software and programs. It is becoming more difficult for fresh data analysts to obtain employment. Although there is still a need for data analysts, experts in this industry must keep learning new techniques and specializing to stand out from the competition.

8) Designing UI/UX

UI/UX design is a technical skill that deals with creating user interfaces and experiences for products and services online. It is a user-focused tech skill that desks with understanding user’s preferences, needs, and behavior to help create designs that will attract the right users. This skill is used as the bedrock for a lot of more complicated tech skills, which means a lot of people are knowledgeable about it, both experts and new tech inflows, making this skill relatively occupied already. To stand out from the competition, designers must specialize in a particular field, as the demand for user-centered design keeps rising.

9) Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is a tech skill that involves protecting computer systems, and digital data of private individual or company information from hackers, theft, or any form of damage. This skill is in high demand as both individuals and companies want their information on the web space protected, but in recent years we found out that cybersecurity experts are all over the place, people rushed to learn the skill and now they are too much competition for the limited opportunities. 

There are now several apps, and websites that can help solve cybersecurity problems without the need for an expert, this has further reduced the chances of cybersecurity experts getting a job opportunity. Over 125,000 people work in the fast-expanding field of cybersecurity in the tech sector alone in the United States. Although there is still a need for cybersecurity experts, as more people enter the field, the market is becoming more crowded. It’s crucial to acquire specialized skills and certifications to prove proficiency in this industry if you want to thrive.

10) Application Development

Application development is a tech skill that deals with creating software apps for different purposes and platforms. Coding, testing, application maintenance, and deployment are all part of the large discipline of application development. In recent years, there has been a high demand for this skill, which has attracted a lot of new experts to learn how to monetize application development. Now, with more than 1.3 million workers in this aspect of tech already, it is quite difficult for new entries to make headway This makes competition ugly, and many experts in this field have been without jobs or opportunities for a long time. 

In conclusion, while it is possible to still get opportunities in these tech fields, you may need to diversify your skill set, look for a unique approach to showcase your skill set or look for niches within your skill set that are undersaturated. Constant learning and upskilling are important to know more about a particular tech skill and gather more knowledge and experience to do better when an opportunity arises. Also, staying up to date on social media and following up on trends to have access to new updates or new niches about tech skills is important for newbies to thrive, set themselves apart from competitors, and maintain an edge.

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