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How to get urgent & daily 2k as a Nigerian (2023)


Sapa, Sapa no fit catch me. I know I know the God I am serving. Money go dey on ground.”

“Yes, money has to be on ground. Sincerely, ‘sapa’ sometimes wins the battle, especially times, when the figures in your bank account will be like that of a radio channel frequency or go red like the blood that came out of an injury. These are moments when we begin to remember people who owe us money or who promised to give us money.  Also that feeling of wanting that snack or food but you can’t because your bank account and your school grade points are looking the same.

I understand that you would not want to go back there if you have been there before and you wouldn’t want to experience that place if you haven’t.

The cry for urgent 2k must stop. Read along if you want to stop singing the urgent 2k anthem.

1) Sell unused items

Clothes you are not wearing again or equipment you are not using. Sell them. Iron benders and aluminum will pass your house. Sell those items. They are not for decoration in the house; if you are not using them. Sell them and get the urgent 2k you want.

2) Offer freelance services

Can you write? Can you offer consultation services? Can you design? Can you edit videos? There are so many skills that are in high demand. Stop crying for urgent 2k and find ways to offer your skill.

3) Rent out a room or space

Do you have an empty room or space or is your room too big? Divide it into two. Stay in one part and rent the rest to someone who needs it. You can ask the person to pay daily. Daily urgent 2k is settled.

4) Participate in online surveys or challenges

There are websites that will pay you to carry out simple daily tasks, surveys, or challenges. This can also be done from the comfort of your home. What more could you ask for? Join our WhatsApp Channel as we would share them with you .

5) Borrow from friends and family


This is one of the most convenient and easiest options. Just pick up your phone and call Mama and papa for urgent 2k and you will have it. After all, they wouldn’t want to see you crying for money. Don’t be an unfortunate human, always learn to pay back the money you borrowed.

6) Offer pet sitting or dog walking services

Some busy people have pets but hardly have time to take care of them. Approach them and offer to take care of their pet daily for 2k. Daily urgent 2k is solved.

7) Apply for a loan

Having looked around, and there is nothing to get your hands on and no one to give you, check out different loan apps and grab the urgent 2k being offered. Be sure to return the money on the specified date. if you like no pay make palmpay catch you, sha no mention our name.

8) Offer babysitting services

Many working-class women give birth and are only offered, at most, three months of maternal leave. After three months, they resume work, and babies are not allowed. Approach those people and offer your services. Solve that problem for your daily urgent 2k.

9) Participate in gig communities

Join communities that offer gigs. This is a one-time contract job, and you are paid immediately after the job is done. Imagine getting gigs daily. The daily urgent 2k problem is solved.

10) Sell information or handmade goods

If you are good at crocheting, knitting, hair styling, and cosmetics, or you have expertise in a particular field of study, get to work and start selling. You can make and sell wigs, food, organic creams, knitted clothes, and books.

These are a few methods for daily urgent 2k. I don’t want anyone singing or crying for daily urgent 2k. I have dropped an update.

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