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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality and Mental Health


In a world where distractions are all around us, it’s important you master the art of balancing your day-to-day duties and responsibilities well while creating effective systems to ensure you’re sleeping soundly every night.

Studies show that improving the quality of your sleep can play a significant role in improving your physical and mental well-being.

In this article, we’ll be exploring seven different steps you can incorporate into your daily life to improve the quality of your sleep. Let’s dive in.

7 Steps You Should Incorporate into Your Day to Improve Your Sleep Quality & Mental Health

1) Move your Body Daily:

Regular exercise is required to keep the muscles and the bones active and moving. To sleep soundly, try to incorporate at least 2 hours of movement activities into your daily routine. Just in case you can’t leave out time for that, try opting for an evening walk instead.

2) Reduce Stress-level before Bedtime:

Make sure you drastically reduce your workload hours before your scheduled bedtime to minimize your level of stress before sleep. In case you discover you can’t help the condition, ensure you take good measures to unwind and relax your body for the night’s sleep.

3) Avoid Energy drinks or Caffeine:

Although, energy drinks and beverages containing caffeine can serve as a great energy booster during the day, they should be totally avoided during the night time unless you plan on staying up all night. Instead of taking these before bedtime, you could opt for options like smoothies, yoghurt, ice cream or drinking water.

4) Wind-down Before Bedtime:

It’s not enough to have a scheduled time or routine for sleep. You need to condition your mind and your body to relax for the day so you can get the best out of your sleep. Some simple activities like taking a warm bath, wearing your nightwear, lighting scented candles, reading a book, keeping your phone off, dimming your room light, etc., can help you get ready for sleep better than you think.

5) Develop a Relaxing Nighttime Routine:

Besides creating a sleep schedule, it’s important you set structure to the things you do hours or minutes before your bedtime. If you stick to this for a week, your body will get adjusted and you wouldn’t struggle to unwind before finally closing your eyes.

Nighttime routine shouldn’t be strenuous at all. Make sure you’re engaging in activities that are soothing and relaxing to help your mind prepare for sleep at your scheduled time.

6) Keep your Space Clean:

Another factor that improves the quality of our sleep and life generally is cleanliness and good hygiene. Before bedtime, it’s necessary that you clear out your bed room by decluttering and getting rid of unwanted materials and dusts.

This simple habit will not only promote your good sleep and mental coordination; it will also enhance the quality of your life and keep you free from disease and pest attacks.

7) Choose and Stick to a particular schedule:

The first step to take in improving the quality of your sleep is to adjust your body and mind to sleep in a particular place at a given time. Scientifically, it has been proven that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Therefore, if you feel the need to change your bed time and location, it’s best you do so and stick with the same routine for a period of 21 days minimum to get the best result.


Reducing your daily stress levels as well as engaging in physical activities and creating a night time routine and simple steps you can adopt to improve the quality of your sleep. Bear in mind that you can always switch up a thing or two in your schedule or routine to fit your desired sleep goals.

Written By: Odanye Toluwalope (Lope_Inspired)


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