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#FreshMen101 – 13 Common Mistakes Most OAU Freshers Make


“Experience they say is the best teacher”, but sometimes you don’t need to experience a situation before you learn. You could learn from others and their past and use it to your advantage in order to avoid making the same unnecessary mistakes. As an Obafemi Awolowo University fresher, there are many common mistakes you are bound to make. Nevertheless, you could avoid them.

Allow me to open your eyes to some things as I show you 13 common mistakes OAU Freshers make and how to avoid them.


1) Focusing only on the book

In as much as studying your book is your main priority and major way of attaining a good grade, it is also advisable you engage in a sport, an extracurricular activity or at least attend a fellowship. If you don’t, you’d realize that you would not only end up having a poor social life, but ‘you had only went through school, school never went through you’.

2) Poor social life

Many OAU freshers fail to understand the power of connection and this is common most especially among ladies. Due to one reason or the other, they fail to interact with one another. The connections you make in school would likely go a long way during your “after-school struggle”.

3) Not taking proper care of yourself

We all know that Obafemi Awolowo University is known for stress and “struggle” and as a fresher you need to understand that you are no longer under your parents’ roof. Therefore, no one is going to take care of you, you need to do that yourself. No one’s going to tell you to shower, rest, eat, or even exercise your body. You decide all of that on your own, and the sooner you realize that your well-being is an important factor, the better. Eat fruits, take walks, and if you feel sick, report to the school health center as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you break down.

4) Treating your mental health with levity

A lot of OAU Freshers have failed to realize that their mental health is just as important as their physical well-being, and taking it with levity can be detrimental in the long run. Don’t think too much and don’t engage in things that could derail your mental health.

5) Not opening up in times of challenges

Being a freshman, you are likely to encounter one or two challenges that you may not know how to deal with. Don’t fret! Whatever the challenge may be, know that it’s okay to have challenges, and having them is an inevitable part of human existence. The important thing is to open to someone close early enough in order to get it solved while it still can be.

6) Not taking the Continuous Assessment (CA) or Test Seriously

Many OAU Freshers have the stereotypical mindset that “I’ll cover up for my grades with my exams”. What they do not realize is that both Tests and C. A which may be in form of assignments and class attendance usually constitutes about 30 to 40% of their grades, and by missing tests or failing to do and submit assignments at due time, they are only reducing their chances of getting a higher grade.

7) Attending too many parties


No doubt! You can agree with me that Obafemi Awolowo campus is full of social activities ranging from Freshers’ night to Faculty dinners and so on. There are a lot of parties organized almost every weekend. If you don’t have self control, you will find yourself going for quite a number of parties and not getting enough rest. This is an activity that takes a large amount of time which a student ought to spend doing other important things such as revision of the day’s school work and studying for the next day.

8) Engaging in too many unneccesary activities

Obafemi is not only known for having/organizing numerous parties, it is also known for having other numerous social activities, sports and even political activities. A large amount of these activities are usually organized for Freshers. This has no doubt been a distraction for many freshers. In as much as it is necessary to have a social life, try as much as possible to set limits and boundaries when necessary.

9) Having too many friends

“20 friends cannot stay together for 20 years”. Connections are vital. Nevertheless, as a Fresher, it would be risky to have too many friends. The Obafemi Awolowo campus is a place with different people from diverse backgrounds. Not everyone should be your friend! Know the kinds of people you should have as friends!

10) Entering into a relationship

As a Fresher you would definitely be eager to use your “freedom” and explore. But what many female freshers fail to understand is that many of these guys are on an operation “catch them young”. Entering into a relationship might be the beginning of a faulty academic foundation. The right time for relationships will come- learn to set your priorities right!

11) Getting involved in drugs


Many stallites and freshers spend their money on drugs and hard substances like weed with the excuse of “getting high to escape reality” or for “recreation”. Unfortunately, this never ends well. At the end, they are more likely to drop out of school.

12) Not Learning a skill

The sad reality of our present economy is that your certificate may not be enough to keep you afloat. While you are in school, it is advisable you learn a skill or a trade that will fetch you money both during your stay in school and after you leave.

13) Not following their Passion

Not everyone may like the course they have been offered by the University. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be a good reason to give up on your passion. You could join school clubs on whatever you are passionate about.


Above all, “a word they say is enough for the wise”
Reading the article isn’t the end, but do well to carry out the advice laid out and you won’t regret it.


Feel free to drop your opinions and share your own point of view in the comment section below.



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