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Gen Z Baddie with 120 Million : Everything you need to know about “BBNaija” star ilebaye


Meet the winner of Big Brother Naija All Stars 2023, a true Gen Z icon. It’s no surprise that Ilebaye Precious Odiniya claimed victory in the BBNaija All-Stars edition, Season 8 of Nigeria’s most popular reality TV series.

This unique edition of BBnaija united a diverse cast of former housemates who had left a lasting impression on previous seasons, all vying for the coveted N120 million grand prize.

Ilebaye won the hearts of a whole generation and became famous through her journey in the BBNaija House. Her story is a shining example in a world where being yourself and staying strong matter. Let’s dive into her inspiring journey that took social media and screens by storm.


Who is Ilebaye Odiniya? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya is a young woman from the Igala tribe in Nigeria, hailing from the Olamaboro local government area in Kogi State.

What is Ilebaye Odiniya’s career path?

A: After completing her education, Ilebaye Odiniya ventured into the world of modeling, beginning her career in this field.

When was Ilebaye Odiniya born? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya was born in 2001.

How old is Ilebaye Odiniya? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya is 22 years old as of September 2023.

What are Ilebaye Odiniya’s professions? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya is both an actress and a model.

Where is Ilebaye Odiniya from, and what tribe does she belong to? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya hails from the Igala tribe and is from the Olamaboro local government area of Kogi State.

A: Yes, she was featured as a child in the popular TV drama series “Papa Ajasco.”

What did Ilebaye Odiniya study in the university? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya is a Criminology and Security Studies graduate from Salem University, Lokoja, Kogi State.

Did Ilebaye Odiniya participate in a reality show? 

A: Yes, she first participated in BBNaija Season 7 ‘Level Up.’

Has Ilebaye Odiniya achieved any notable distinctions in the BBNaija reality show? 

A: Yes, she is the third female to win the BBNaija reality show, following in the footsteps of Mercy and Phyna.

How did Ilebaye Odiniya acquire her Ghanaian accent? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya acquired her Ghanaian accent from her secondary school English teacher, who was Ghanaian.

What is Ilebaye Odiniya’s religious background? 

A: Ilebaye Odiniya grew up in a Christian home and continues associating with this religion.

Does Ilebaye Odiniya have a fan base, and what are they called? 

A: Yes, her fan base is called the ‘BayeTribe.’

What challenges did Ilebaye encounter during her time on Season 8 of BBNaija? 

A: Ilebaye had to endure backlash and bullying within the BBNaija House throughout the ten-week duration. She was falsely accused of deceit and playing the victim card.

What were Ilebaye’s experiences during her time on BBNaija? 

A: Ilebaye was a standout housemate on Big Brother Naija All-Stars, known for her outspoken personality, fashion sense, and competitive spirit. She also had some controversial moments, including a notable argument with fellow housemate CeeC.

Why did Ilebaye win Big Brother Naija All-Stars? 

A: Ilebaye secured her victory at Big Brother Naija All-Stars due to several factors. She was a highly popular and likable housemate, strategically forming strong alliances. Her entertaining and engaging presence kept viewers captivated, resulting in her receiving over 30% of the votes cast.

What additional prizes did Ilebaye receive as the winner of the 2023 edition of the show?

A: Ilebaye, as the winner of the 2023 edition, was awarded extra prizes, including a weekend getaway for two by Travel Beta, a Techno phone, Nexus appliances, a year’s supply of Pepsi, Dano milk, Munch It, Waw, Hawaii soap, Titus, Lush hair, and Sardine products.

What can you tell us about Ilebaye’s personality and beliefs? 

A: Ilebaye describes herself as a “Gen Z baddie,” displaying confidence, style, and independence. She is also a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and self-love.

What are some of the striking features of Ilebaye’s beauty?

A: Ilebaye is known for her captivating beauty, radiant skin, expressive eyes, and confident smile that lights up the room.

Has Ilebaye’s beauty played a role in her success in the entertainment industry?

A: Ilebaye’s beauty may have been an asset in her journey through the entertainment world, where appearance often matters.

What beauty routines or practices does Ilebaye follow to maintain her stunning looks?

A: While Ilebaye’s specific beauty routines aren’t widely known, her consistent self-care and confidence contribute to her overall allure.

What notable transformation did Ilebaye undergo in her journey through Big Brother Naija? 

A: Ilebaye’s journey in Big Brother Naija is marked by her transition from being the third housemate eliminated in BBNaija Season 7, also known as the ‘Level Up’ Edition in 2022, to emerging as the winner of the All-Stars edition in 2023.

How would you describe Ilebaye’s achievement in winning the All-Stars edition after her initial eviction? 

A: Ilebaye’s progression from elimination in Season 7 to winning the All-Stars edition in 2023 is a remarkable and noteworthy accomplishment in her Big Brother Naija journey.

What was Ilebaye’s initial fame status when she first appeared on BBNaija? 

A: When Ilebaye participated in her first BBNaija season, ‘Level Up,’ she didn’t start with much fame and was eliminated early in that season.

How did Ilebaye’s fame change when she joined the All-Stars edition of BBNaija? 

A: In the All Stars edition, which featured previous well-known contestants, Ilebaye gained more attention and recognition.

What were some notable occurrences during Ilebaye’s time in the BBNaija All-Stars house? 

A: While in the All Stars house, Ilebaye stirred up drama, and her fellow housemates accused her of deliberately causing conflicts. Some viewers believed she was being mistreated by others in the house.

What consequences did Ilebaye face as a result of her actions in the All-Stars season? 

Ilebaye was at the center of many controversies during the All-Stars season, which resulted in her receiving two strikes from Big Brother within a short period.

Can you share some specific incidents that made Ilebaye a topic of conversation among Nigerians during her time on BBNaija All-Stars? 

Some incidents, such as Tolani Baj taking away her blanket and Ike damaging her clothes, garnered significant attention and discussion among Nigerians.

What important lesson does Ilebaye’s journey on BBNaija teach us? 

A: Ilebaye’s journey reminds us that wisdom and intelligence are not necessarily determined by age and that we can learn valuable lessons from unexpected sources.

What are Ilebaye’s plans after winning the BBNaija All-Stars? 

A: We really don’t know the full gist about this, but, Ilebaye expressed interest in pursuing a career in modeling and acting. She also aims to use her platform to raise awareness about crucial issues such as mental health and education.

What lessons can young Nigerians learn from Ilebaye’s journey? 

A: Ilebaye serves as a role model for young Nigerians, emphasizing the importance of determination and staying true to oneself. Her success story illustrates that anything is achievable with dedication and self-belief while reminding others not to be discouraged by negativity.

If you have any other questions regarding Ilebaye, the BBNaija star winner, we’ll answer you promptly in the comment section.

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