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The All-Star Edition: 5 Housemates from Big Brother Naija Season 8 That Lit Up the Show


Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) is a Nigerian reality competition television series, based on the Big Brother television franchise, in which contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize and other material prizes at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted from the house by viewers who vote for their favorite housemates to remain in the show.

The All Stars season of BBNaija, which aired in 2023, featured a cast of 20 ex-housemates from previous seasons of the show. These housemates were all chosen because they were some of the most popular and entertaining contestants from their respective seasons.

This article highlights five of the housemates who had the biggest impact on the season. These housemates were all very different from each other, but they all shared a common trait: they were all incredibly entertaining.

These housemates were all fan favorites, and they all gave us an amazing show. They were always up for drama, and they were always entertaining to watch. They also had a lot of personality, and they were all very likable.

If you are a fan of BBNaija or if you are simply looking for a good read, then I highly recommend checking out our list below.


Ike, a former Pepper Dem season housemate who returned for BBNaija All Stars, gave his character on the program new depth. Ike grew to be associated with creating controversy and frequently found himself at the center of conversations over tactics aimed at female housemates. He had a reputation for stealing the coins of other housemates, and his co-stars called him unpredictable.

Even as Head of the House, Ike’s temperament didn’t change, and his rule was occasionally defined by angry outbursts. One of the most famous scenes from the season involved Ike purposefully tearing up his co-star Ilebaye’s clothes to anger her and get her disqualified. Interestingly, despite his unpredictable conduct, Ike received a lot of support from the audience and was acknowledged for bringing excitement to the program. However, when he was nominated, he was eliminated.

2. Seyi 

Former BBNaija Pepper Dem housemate Seyi began the competition in a guarded manner, but as the show went on, he developed into an alluring character who captured the interest of many Nigerians. Seyi stood out for his frequently contentious remarks and distinctive manner of expressing annoyance, occasionally including people’s parents in his chats.

Seyi also sparked debates on social media when he commented on his sons ‘running trains’ on people’s daughters, leaving many people shocked. He managed to sustain his presence in the house for several weeks, thanks to being saved by the jury on multiple occasions before his fans rallied behind him to keep him from falling to the bottom position. Seyi’s journey in the house ignited discussions about the eviction jury system and various other topics.

3. Ilebaye​


Ilebaye, a standout BBNaija All Stars housemate, experienced a remarkable transformation from relative obscurity in her Level Up season. In All Stars, she emerged as a finalist, joining a formidable lineup of BBNaija veterans. Ilebaye’s presence in the house was marked by her ability to stir both drama and discussion, both within the house and on social media.

Her fellow housemates accused her of intentionally provoking conflicts, while viewers perceived her as the victim of bullying within the house. Ilebaye’s journey was riddled with controversies, leading to her receiving two strikes within just a few weeks of the All-Stars season. Memorable incidents, like Tolani Baj pulling away her duvet or Ike damaging her clothes, made her the talk of Nigeria.

Despite being a divisive figure, Ilebaye left an indelible mark on the season, showcasing a valuable lesson—that intelligence and wisdom transcend age. Her strategic prowess, evident from the very first week, involved adeptly managing relationships with housemates of various generations, from Gen Z to the older contestants.”

4. Cee-C

Cee-C was one of the most controversial housemates on the All-Stars season of Big Brother Naija. She was known for her strong personality, her willingness to speak her mind and her love of drama. Cee-C also had a lot of drama with other housemates, but she was always entertaining.

She was one of the most anticipated housemates of the season, and she did not disappoint. She was just as controversial as she was in her first season, but she was also just as entertaining.

Cee-C was a very polarizing figure in the All-Stars season. Some viewers loved her for her strong personality and her willingness to stand up for herself. Others disliked her for her tendency to be confrontational and her lack of self-awareness.

Regardless of whether you loved her or hated her, there is no denying that Cee-C was one of the most entertaining housemates in the All-Stars season. Here are some of the things that made Cee-C a top housemate who gave us an amazing show:

  • Her strong personality: Cee-C was not afraid to speak her mind, even if it meant going against the grain. She was confident and self-assured, and she always stood up for what she believed in.
  • Her willingness to speak her mind: Cee-C was never afraid to say what she was thinking, even if it was controversial. She was always honest and upfront with other housemates, even if it meant hurting their feelings.
  • Her love of drama: Cee-C was always up for a good argument or fight. She was not afraid to stir the pot, and she always kept viewers entertained with her drama.
  • Her entertainment value: Cee-C was one of the most entertaining housemates in the All-Stars season. She was always up for a good time, and she always knew how to make viewers laugh.

Overall, Cee-C was a top housemate who gave us an amazing show. She was controversial, she was entertaining, and she was always sure to keep viewers guessing.

5. ​Mercy

Mercy, famously known as “Lamborghini Mercy,” was undeniably one of the captivating housemates who delivered an unforgettable performance during the BB Naija Season 8 All-Stars. Her journey in the reality TV show is a fascinating tale of adaptation, charisma, and astute observation.

At the outset, Mercy made an unexpected error by keeping a low profile during the initial three to four weeks of the competition. In those early days, when fans were scouting for their favorites, she chose a quieter approach. However, her story teaches us several valuable lessons:

  1. The Ability to Adjust: Mercy demonstrated her knack for adaptability, especially when she initiated a strategic alliance with WM, believing it was a strong move. Her actions, or rather the lack of them, spoke volumes when WM faced eviction, and she refrained from hugging him. Yet, she seamlessly rekindled their connection when she found herself on the eviction chopping block.
  2. Winning Hearts: One of her remarkable skills was the art of winning people’s hearts. Mercy knew how to rally support when it mattered most, especially when her eviction was imminent. Her ability to rise from obscurity during crucial moments displayed her resilience and charm.
  3. Acute Observation: Mercy possessed a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to observe her fellow housemates. She used her observations strategically, forging alliances with perceived strong contestants and making calculated moves to destabilize potential threats. Her wit and subtlety in conveying her thoughts added layers to her character.

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