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10 Ways To Pass OAU Exams Without Reading


Reading and passing in OAU are different things. You can read and not pass, and you can pass and not read. E shock you? E shock me too, though. Follow this article closely till you get to the end. Here are 10 things to do if you want to pass without reading on OAU campus.

1. Be a Good Dubber




A “Dubber” is a person that can copy perfectly in the examination hall without getting caught.
Yes! To pass OAU exams without reading, you must be a good dubber. You must be able to dub in every condition, rain, and sunshine; else, go to number 2.

2. Have Friends that Like Books and can Read.



Having friends that like books and can read is goated; yes, they’ll read everything, and they can explain to you, provided you have the brain to assimilate their explanation; else, go to number 3.

3. Use Jazz


You know OAU campus, right, and you know you can’t pass without reading; well, you might just opt for jazz and meet a herbalist, magician, pastor, or Alfa; in fact, you can meet every one of them, else, follow number 4.

4. Be Ready to Fail


Yes, you have to be ready to fail if you cannot read and you cannot do one to three. Well, what are friends for? You can follow down to number 5.

5. Have Good Eyesight


Have good eyesight or have authentic glasses because you cannot be a dubber without seeing correctly; you must be able to see well, else, do number 6.

6. Set the Proper Sitting Formation


Just like games cannot be successful without the proper formation, you cannot pass OAU exams without reading without a correct formation. Your Messi has to be on the field; else, do number 7.

7. Bribe the Invigilator


Even though we know it won’t work, we can still try it. Try bribing the invigilator so that you can bring your books in. Well, with about 7 invigilators, you have to be a rich kid. If it’s too hard, do number 8.

8. Date the Lecturer’s Child


Your lecturer’s daughter or son can be your lifesaver. Date your lecturer’s daughter or son, e get why ooo. Else do number 9.

9) Become the VC’s Son-in-law or Daughter-in-law


To access the Senate, change everything in your check result, be the VC’s son or daughter-in-law. Else, well, we have the last option for you.

10) Buy the School


This is the last option, buy the school, run it your way, and pass yourself without reading. Buying the school isn’t something big for rich kids on OAU campus, nah soft work. I lie?

If you can’t do any of these on the list, I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about it again. You would be left with no choice but to read. Do you think you can pass without reading? Carry your book and jack well.

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