Friday, April 19, 2024

Single On Valentine? 5 Things To Do To Get The Best Of The Day


Valentine is coming…where is your boyfriend“, this is a common statement in the mouth of almost everyone now. As God will have it, not everyone has a partner. Some are searching, others are in situationship while the rest are not even ready for relationship now. “Set awon single peeps”, this is how you can enjoy yourself on vals day.

1. Go off social Media

Oppression will be plenty that day. To avoid shouting God when at every post you see, just save yourself the stress and stay off social media for that day. You said You can’t date him because his broke and he has planned specially to oppress you with the new catch. Abeg stay off that day, God no go shame us.

2. Movies

Who says movie can’t kill boredom… Just get one lit movie and relax yourself on your sofa or wherever you deem fit, turn on d movie and get lost in the fun it has to offer.This life is too short to die of boredom. Dont watch movies that would remind you of your situation but remember that menopause is knocking.

3. Outing

You don’t have to depend on anyone to take you out. c’mon take your self out and buy those lovely gifts you had your eyes on. Your pocket won’t tear if you cater for your needs yourself don’t be a liability. Someone’s daughter must not come over to cook for you. If you prepare your meals yourself, your hands won’t fall off.

4. Make some one smile

There is a joy that comes with helping those in need. Visiting the orphanage can be a very good way to achieve this. Problem no dey finish oh try and make an impact.

5. Sleep

This is a very good form of relaxation. Go get that beauty sleep and don’t let worry get to you. At the right time that lover will come.

Valentine is just celebrated for a day. Every day is an opportunity to show love to those around you so don’t wait for a special day to do so. Let’s not loose focus, heaven is the goal!

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