Friday, April 19, 2024

Emergency Alert: Oro Owa-Ilare Festival- Residents Urged to Stay Indoors for Safety and Cultural Respect!


The House of Obatala extends a special announcement to all residents and Muslims in Ile-Ife regarding the forthcoming Oro Owa-Ilare festival slated to commence on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

The Oro, a sacred and culturally significant event, is scheduled to commence precisely at 2:00 PM and conclude at 7:00 PM. In light of this occasion, the House of Obatala earnestly implores all residents within the specified areas to exercise caution and remain indoors during the duration of the festival.

The designated areas encompass:

  1. Igbotapa
  2. Ajamopo
  3. Gbodo
  4. Ita Olopo
  5. Oja-Ife
  6. Ita Oranfe
  7. Enuwa Square
  8. Ooni Ilare
  9. Sabo
  10. Road 7
  11. Olumogbe Street

The request for residents to stay indoors within these areas during the festival hours is made in the interest of community safety, respect for cultural traditions, and the preservation of harmony within the sacred space of the Oro Owa-Ilare festival.

The House of Obatala, under the leadership of His Eminence, Oba Isoro O.O Dada, emphasizes the importance of adherence to this directive for the collective benefit and well-being of Ile-Ife.

Residents are urged to cooperate fully with this guidance, recognizing the significance of cultural events in fostering unity and preserving the rich heritage of Ile-Ife.

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