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Meet Mary , the #OAUStudent who makes over 3 million monthly from “hook up”


Every week, Inside OAU Media aims to learn about the lives of regular OAU students. OgbaFemi is full of mystery and all types of creatures! Forget the fine structures and the outside glory; this school isn’t for the weak. In here, it is a jungle, and you must do everything to survive academically, financially, and psychologically.

On today’s episode of #OAUStudentsLife, a 400-level student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Mary, is sharing her life story with us. This story revolves around her life, business path, family, and future expectations. Mary is sharing her story not to be judged but for people to learn and know more about her world

Good evening Mary , thank you for sharing your #OAUStudentLifestory with IOI , can you briefly tell our readers about yourself?

Mary – Good day everyone reading my story from any part of the world . My name is Mary, and I’m a 400 level student of Obafemi Awolowo University, ile ife

How did the whole Hook-up thing started for you ?

Mary – First and foremost  , I’d love to disregard any stereotype that prostitution is an easy route to wealth . It is as a matter of fact difficult.  I don’t regret doing it, but if I had a second chance I’d take another route ; I’m from a very poor background And eating was very difficult  Plus I’m the first child of a single mother . Me venturing into prostitution was to make ends meet for myself and my younger ones

By saying “Hook up” is not an easy route to Wealth, what do you mean? Do you mind to expatiate that further? What are the major challenges?

I’m not going to lie  , When I started in ife, the Money was barely enough Till I re strategized, worked on myself and started doing inter state
The money is sweet

So you mean the “Hook up” market in ile-IFE is bad ?

Compared to other states I’ve been to , Yes

Which state has the best market ?

I’ll say Abuja

How much do you roughly make on a bad month ?

On a bad month I make up to 3 million , on a good month I make up to 5 million . How much does a tech bro earns (lol) .

How do you manage your academics with this ?

I have my way around it
I have some students on my payroll

Do you mind if i ask about your CGPA ?


Does your mother know about your “Business” ?

She suspects

Has she never confronted you to ask for your source of income ?

Multiple times
And I tell her what we all say “crypto”

By “We” , which other people are you referring too ?

I have friends that we run parole together

Are you in any relationship ?

Relationships in OAU is a joke , many girls have slept with over 3-4 men based relationships, so i would rather remain single and keep doing hook up than date any OAU guy , majority of them are s3x starved and the only enter relationship because of s3x .. Don’t date an OAU guy, they aren’t worth it .

Can you share with us a breakdown on how you spend your 3 million in a month ?

Medical checkup and treatment

Also , I have some building project going on .. I am currently building a 2 bedroom apartment for my family . I also intend to open a boutique because I can’t keep doing forever . My biggest reason for stating this is to take care of my family

And Ofcourse send allowance to my family . I have 4 siblings . I cater for their school needs from school fees , books and many more

Can you share with us your craziest experience in this journey ?

I have encountered different client in this journey but I will say the craziest experience I have had should be with an abusive client , we had a little misunderstanding, next thing he is already beating me . I sustained a lot of injuries because he literally beat the hell out of me
It’s really not easy

Do you plan to stop anytime soon ?

Yes, the goal is to make my family okay, get enough money to start a new life
Because I want to settle down but then I have no regret, we do different things for different reasons, as long as my family is okay, I don’t care what people think or say . They aren’t feeding me, so I don’t give a fvck .

Before venturing into hook up, did you try other business?

Yes , I did. I learned a couple of tech skills, I tried selling male wears and tote bags . I even joins Neolife briefly, a friend of mine invited me then. I actually tried a lot of things but weren’t sustainable until a friend of mine told me about using what I have to get what I want .

Do people around you know you are into “Hook up” ?

I think they suspect me to be honest, I really don’t keep friends but I have few clients in ile-IFE , many of your OAU big boys and influencers are my client , tho I try as much as possible to be coded but then I am sure one of them of have spilt the milk somewhere

Why will you suspect yourself ?

Even aside “hook up” when most people see an average girl with many quality wigs, drive a car and wear designers cloths and bags they conclude she is into hook-upFor me
I’m very extravagant
Hardly around
Drives different types of cars that mostly belong to my sugar daddies

Do you have “sugar daddies” in IFE?

Quite a number of them, lol.

Thank you Miss Mary for sharing your #OAUStudentsLife with Inside OAU Media. What would your final words be to anybody reading this?

Do not think “hook up” thing is an easy route to success

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PS – For anonymity, the name, level, and other personal details have been changed

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