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At the beginning of the month of October 2020, Nigerians took to the streets to protest against Police brutality. Celebrities in their good number, both at home and abroad, also lent their voices to the protest. This protest however, metamorphosed into what I call ‘Freedom fight’ — a fight against bad governance in its entirety.

It is important to note that the protest against police brutality and bad governance took place in virtually all States of the Federation, and the FCT, Abuja.

Inside OAU Media had previously reported that At Ile – Ife, Osun state, students of the O.A.U. took part in the protests, showcasing their “Aluta Continua” spirit. Not just students, youthful residents of the community also joined.

As the protests went on, it was alleged that hoodlums had hijacked and taken over the protests, causing the Lagos state government to impose a curfew on the 20th day of October. On this day, the street protest by Nigerians was brought to a temporary halt, following the Lekki Toll gate massacre. The Tuesday when peaceful protesters were shot at by the Nigerian army.

It’s been 9 days after the black Tuesday, and families are still counting their losses, although the government till date, claims that no death was recorded. However, here are stunning throwback pictures to the peaceful street protests which took place at Ile – Ife, Osun state.

Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest

“Sorosoke werey ! No Dey Disguise #Great IFE EndSARS protest
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
#Great IFE EndSARS protest
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
“Great IFE says “Police is your friend #Big_Scam #ReformPoliceNG”
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
“Student of Great IFE screams “ EndSARS”
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
“Great IFE says “Police is your friend #Big_Scam”
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
#GreatIFE EndSARS Protest “If the head is not correct it affects the BODY”
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
This lady came for #EndSARS protest in ife with her son , said she want him to see her fight for him #Mother❤️🌹
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
“Voice of the people #ENDSARS “
Photos from OAU #EndSARS Protest
Even IOI screams “End police brutality!”

“We’re awake! Now, our eyes are wide open. We chant our anthem with voices as high as Everest. We put words into actions. We arise to battle all forms of brutality in our fatherland.
We strive for a freedom in which we’re really free, an Independence that’s true. We polish the white in the Nigerian flag as we lift it high telling all we stand for peace, a peaceful protest. Like HKF says, when they ask you “what’s endsars? Tell them “it’s the youth demanding for answers”.

A big NO echoes… it’s we screaming “NO!” to bad governance. -marshal'pencils

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