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Obafemi Awolowo University is the dream University of Thousands of students in Nigeria. The reason for that isn’t so hard to get. OAU ranks among the top universities in the country. By default, everyone wants what’s best for them, hence, the candid reason for the cut-throat rush for OAU. It’d almost be a crime to talk of OAU without a mention of its aesthetic structural designs.
OAU is widely dubbed and known as “Africa’s most beautiful campus”. The scenery, landscape and grand designs are undeniably captivating. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear about students choosing to study in OAU because of the citadel’s intricate and fantabulous environment. Besides, OAU is an entirely different life zone. Of course, it is a serious academic battle ground. That is no doubt! But also, there’s so much fun and liveliness flowing around Ogba Femi.
You can not really know much about OAU, unless you are in there yourself. But we’ll try giving you a glimpse of how OAU campus is. We start with the campus newbies – Freshers! We will be checking out five types of OAU freshmen. Although each year sees numerous types of freshmen in OAU, these five categories always shine through in every year. You’ll always find them. You ready? Let’s sail!

  1. Money-spending machine
    If you can maintain a tight hold on how to spend your money, well, you deserve an accolade. Frugality isn’t everyone’s strong spot. It’s good to spend wisely and economically. Nevertheless, there are sometimes you’ll want to loosen the spending strictness a bit and enjoy yourself or use your money for something worthwhile. This trait is common in many OAU stalites. But when you see a money-spending machine individual lavishly buying whatever comes to sight without a second thought, that person is most likely to be a fresher. OAU has so many tantalizing and mouthwatering food vendors. Even if you want to restrain yourself, the air will torment you with aroma of risky, popcorn, jollof rice, to mention a few. Before you blink twice, you’d find yourself buying food the umpteenth time in a day! Many freshers fall to this category. The first three to four weeks of resumption (in a session) is the “spending time, merry time” for many OAU freshers. They’d be spending and buying things as though there’s no tomorrow. Well, it’s not easy to get admitted into OAU, right? They need to wash down the win with lavish spending. Generally, OAU freshers buy stuffs like bed, gas cooker, cupboard, cloths, shoes, books and lots more. In a nutshell, every OAU fresher is a money-spending machine. The level of the spending just differs.

  2. Party Cruisers.
    OAU, just like any other university, is a free world. You can do whatever you like, so far it’s legal and within the jurisdiction of the school rules and regulations. Having said that, you can party! And oh, OAU has tons and tons of events and parties queuing behind each other. This gives room for many freshers to put on the “party mode” in them. Thanks to the freeness and liberty, freshers can go wherever they want without anyone stopping them. No more “where are you going?” “it’s late, go to your bedroom” or “no party for you!” from their parents or guardians. The new-found freedom is so exciting and thrilling that they’d channel it to many things. One of them is partying. A lot of OAU freshers fall into this category. Of course, not every fresher likes partying, but that can change when they taste the specialty in OAU’s parties. Freshers in this category will never miss out on any party in OAU. You’ll see them in their department and faculty’s parties. You’ll find them in other department and faculty’s parties. They’ll be present and live in any party they hear of or see the flyers on campus. They are the legendary party cruisers. This category of freshers is also legendary money-spending machines. They’d want to storm parties with flashy cloths, latest phones and all. Those things cost money. Party cruisers are present in all sessions. You’ll always find them in every set, although their number can vary. But you’ll definitely find party cruiser freshmen in OAU every year!

  3. Jackers
    Alright, let’s jam our hands together for the future Profs, the “iwe ogba”, “the shana of all shanas”, ladies and gentleman; I present to you the category of Jackers! Jackers! You can feel the strike in that name, right? You should. This category of OAU freshmen are readers from the womb. They can read anything readable. Before they got into OAU, they probably must have finished their part one syllabus or are halfway done. Mention party, they’d yawn. But you mention “b” in book; you’d find them as sharp as Samurai’s sword. These ones are book lovers. Past questions, textbooks working books, PDF files, notes from senior colleagues and hundreds of tutorial videos on their phones and/or laptops are the excitement of Jackers. Whether they are forced to do it or they don’t have a choice or they’re in pursuit of a strong CGPA, Jackers can read even in their dreams. They don’t miss class. And their location is almost predictable always. You’d find them in school library; their hostel’s reading room or any consistent place they’ve chosen to read. It could be AUD I & II, ODLT, HSLT lecture theatres and so on. Just in case you see them reading part four topics while still in part one, don’t be surprised! That’s why they are called Jackers!

  4. C.E.Os
    Alright, do you know that many of the startup companies in Nigeria have their origin in OAU, talk of jobberman, CashEnvoy, Tolet, Gamsole and many others, they all started from their Undergraduate year at OAU. Aside the academics, OAU is another business hub. Virtually every student you see on OAU campus has a side hustle he or she is into, except the jackers. In the same vein, we have the CEOs amongst OAU freshmen, you can barely see them in class, in fact, you would not know you have them as classmates until exam days or lecture free week, thats when they will rush you, and In fact some of them would want to pay you to give them tutorials. Whenever you see CEOs around the academic area, they either came to deliver a product, see a lecturer to beg for a class they refused to attend, meet a class mate to collect his or her note.

  5. Staylite-Freshmen:
    Gaining admission into OAU is a breakthrough; in fact some people actually gave testimonies in their place of worship. Writing jamb alone is one huddle, writing OAU post jamb is another one, waiting for the results, and if you eventually pass the exams, waiting for the list is another big problem. All these stages are big huddles and if you can sail through all, you must be very lucky. This brings us to the Staylite-Freshmen this ones are not fresh to the system; they have either studied in another university, polytechnic, college of education, or some other higher institution. Many of them would tell you their tails of how many times they have tried to secure their admission but were bounced. They are usually very smart and always know how to make their way through every difficult huddle on campus; some of them even exploit their fellow fresh men.

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Finally, Gaining admission into Ogbafemi like many call it , is like diving into an ocean , you could get drowned easily if you do not know how to swim. Find out which of these categories would beneficial for your journey at OAU and enjoy the ride.

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