Friday, April 19, 2024

[#EFCCWahala] EFCC Double-Crossed & Harassed Me – Twitter user


Problem no dey finish , seems EFCC is the new SARS . The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud and money laundering but seems EFCC have now taken the role of the notorious disbanded unit of police , SARS . A twitter user by the username @lyricalsteam shared how he was harassed by EFCC early this morning

As shared by a Nigerian Twitter User:

On my way back from my kid’s school this morning, around past 8, I was double-crossed and harassed by men of the @officialEFCC

They came down from a white hummer bus after overtaking me at Olusoji area in Oluyole. Heavily armed police officers and two guys approached my car, I wound down the window, and they yelled that I come down and hand over my phone.

I handed over my phone, I introduced myself and what I do professionally, and I asked who they were as they were not in uniform — only one was putting on a red bib, and the other was holding his red bib.

They said they were from the EFCC.

They caused a scene obviously with serious hold-up; people were staring as they probably thought a fraudster had been apprehended.

After rigorously searching my phone, they handed it over with my ID and said “I was not the one they were looking for” as they took to their heels.

These guys gave no apology or an explanation for why I was harassed; they forcefully took my phone before I could even gather my breath. I managed to snap those few pictures as they fled the scene they created.

I couldn’t even drive my car off as everything happened in a flash. My heart has never beat this fast before in my life. What a morning I had, May Nigeria not happen to us.

However after several backlash from Nigerians on Twitter , EFCC has then taken to their twitter account to discard the claims , saying EFCC does not mount roadblock or engage in stop and search. So, the allegation of harassment of motorists is far fetched. The further went on to claim that the officers are fake.

We however implore you all to stay careful and vigilant has we can no longer differentiate the real from fake , we hope FG would put in measure to ensure we don’t experience another Version of #ENDSARS

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