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Top 5 Most Handsome Housemate In BBN Season 7 (Level Up)


The most anticipated reality show in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija, kicked off its seventh season tagged Level Up. It was launched on Saturday, July 23, 2022, and Sunday, July 24, 2022. Here you have the 10 most handsome housemates of this season.

Twelve housemates were introduced on the first day and the same was done on the second day plus 2 on the Sunday Live Show which brought their number to 26.

13 male housemates were introduced and Trybe City has brought the 5 most handsome housemates in BBN. You’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement as you read.

5. Adekunle

Adekunle Tobiloba Olopade, Adekunle, leaving Adekunle out of the list is synonymous with leaving rice out of the staple food in Nigeria.

He is undeniably one of the men in BBN who are capable of stealing your girl’s heart from you with his great look and sexy voice. He has been cool so far in the house. It was quite a chaos when he mentioned that his spec is a girl with clean feet. You only need to have a clean feet as a girl to fit this very handsome housemate’s requirement.

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4. Giddyfia

Gideon Anieti Nwawu, Giddyfia, is a 24-year-old Mechatronics Engineer who won the 2019 Male Physique of the Year award in college. Giddyfia possesses a lot of good looks and a gorgeous body. With him almost always flaunting his dark-skinned abs and biceps, how could he be skipped?

3. Kess

Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu, who introduced himself as Kess, is a 28-year-old married man who said an intriguing line on the unveiling night that his wife gave him the go-ahead to do whatever he wants. I guess that would also mean stealing your girl’s heart with his handsome face as he is an amazing beauty to behold.

He has been staying in his lane in the house and has steered clear from scandals, could this as a result of the respect he has for his wife? Whatever the reason is, it made him more attractive.

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2. Groovy

Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue, Groovy, is our pink-haired 26-year-old model and entrepreneur. His looks has made Beauty swoon over him and his issue has been causing friction between Beauty and Ilebaye.

Groovy was the first to be introduced and leaving him out of the list of the most handsome BBN housemates is surely a crime as he has the perfect look to leave both genders staring in admiration.

1. Sheggz

Segun Daniel Olusemo, whose stage name is Sheggz, is an actor and a footballer. He is one of the most handsome housemates in BBN with his attractive light skin and all shades of sweetness. His good look and complexion seem to give him the confidence to always be in Bella’s space as he seems sure of winning her heart with his sweetness.

Beauty is relative. What you look out for in housemates to qualify them as being handsome might be different, after seeing this list of handsome housemates in the BBN Season 7 Level Up edition, we’re sure you can’t help but nod along in agreement.

However, you might have a particular person whom you think should be on this list but isn’t here, kindly add him in the comment section.

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