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Top 5 reasons why Black Africans Dislike Queen Elizabeth


So many decades have now passed since the brutal British colonial administration led by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Despite later gaining independence after many struggles and agitations by brave Africans it turns out the generations after haven’t forgiven her for the terror and pain their fathers and forefathers suffered. Queen Elizabeth and the British royal family have refused to apologize for the suffering they invoked on Africa in the wake of Colonialism.

Here are some reasons why black Africans dislike Queen Elizabeth II



Some of the rebellions against the Queen-led British colonial administration was the mau mau rebellion where thousands of Kenyans were killed. The mau mau uprising consisted of brave Kenyan people who stood up to end British oppression. As a result of a series of clashes between the mau mau warriors and the British colony, the British lost a lot of money and resources. But, the mau mau group also suffered great consequences as thousands of people including their leader died due to the frequent clashes. Despite their loss, the mau mau group was still functional till Kenya gained her independence and after.



A lot of Kenyan women were maltreated including nursing mothers. They were imprisoned and forced to carry their babies on their backs while engaging in manual labour. While this was ongoing, some babies died on their mother’s backs and they were forced to bury their dead babies.

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Another group in South Africa, Economic freedom fighters (EFF) in a public statement, said they do not mourn the Queen because it’s a reminder of a very tragic experience for South Africa and the African continent as a whole. The group recognized the notable Bambatha rebellion which was heavily crushed by the British empire. South Africa had been under British rule since 1795, taking their peace, fruits and riches of the land to enrich the British empire. A lot of agitators and rebel leaders were killed because they were brave alone to refuse the inhumane treatment of the British empire.



In Nigeria, we also have the Abia women riots, a nationalist movement comprising of some of the elite and educated Nigerians as well as agitations by distinctive individuals who are regarded as heroes today. The Nigerian state was forcefully merged by the British empire for the sake of control. Queen Elizabeth assumed power during the colonial era. At the time, the British operated indirectly through traditional rulers reporting to the Queen in England. Due to her contributions to the infliction of pain and maltreatment of the Nigerian people, a large number have refused to mourn her death.



Today in the world we can find many black Africans scattered among multiple countries around the world. This wouldn’t have been the case if not for the practice of slave trade by the British colonial administrators. Other countries like Jamaica. India and the like were also affected by these. Blacks who live in countries outside of Africa are far from their motherland and have to endure oppression and racism from the whites. Maybe if blacks weren’t sold against their will they all will be living in Africa. But the fact still remains they blame the Queen for this.

The terror of British colonial officers stationed in the British colonial empire were forces who inflicted pain and suffering on the African people. Not to forget the dehumanization of the African people through the slave trade. Some memories can’t be forgotten, and a lot of stories can’t be wiped off through generations. The suffering and pain are still imprinted on the mind of a common African man. Africans still blame colonial rule for their poor economy and political and social instability. Due to many of these reasons the black-skinned people can’t forgive the Queen nor mourn her death.

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