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Top 10 Epic Scenes We Can’t Get Over In Alchemy Of Souls 


Alchemy Of Souls demonstrated to many Korean drama fans not only its perfect visual effects and eloquent characters’ role delivery but also the epic scenes that will forever leave an imprint in our memory— the moments dawning, fascinating, and conflicting that dropped your jaw, chortled you, or made you gasped! 

Watching the whole episodes of Alchemy of souls, these striking scenes should not be forgotten — if you had forgotten let’s refresh your memory and if not fan, let’s reminisce together 

   10. Jang Uk drank poison 

It started with Nak-su in Mu-deok’s body with Jang Uk in Jeongjingak,  stating in code words how her tryout on Jang Uk, whether it fails or not, will depend on her taking Jang Uk as her pupil. And the unsuspecting king’s star drank from that little cup before Mu-doek’s words started clicking together— Jang Uk was about to die in a matter of minutes! 

Mu-deok risked both Jang Uk’s life and hers to forcefully open the energy gate of Jang Uk. And after all the bashing and mulling over Park Jin gave to both parties respectively, there was no other choice than to undo Jang Gang’s seal. We all know how that episode ended now, don’t we? 

9. Jang Uk Unsheathes His Sword 

After getting Heo Yeom’s torrent of energy, Jang Uk made the energy his after surviving the temperature changes in his body from the surge within him. Mu-deok who purposely splashed filth on his royal crown Prince, Go Won’s flashy outfit for bullying her pupil, almost got a slash from the raging Crown Prince’s sword before Jang Uk got in the middle and halt the movement with his powerful sword to everyone’s shock. 

If that wasn’t the moment of victory, the crown prince was threatened by the unbalanced energy that controlled Jang Uk’s sword movement.

8. Jang Uk uses Tansu

jang Uk using tansu
jang Uk using tansu

The next to Gwanju of Cheonbugwan, Jin Mu, took the clash between Jang Uk and the crown prince personally and he officiate a duel between Jang Uk and Go Won for his pleasure and personal gain. The fight was on and everybody was waiting for the crown prince to defeat Jang Uk as he was unskilled in his fighting technique. 

Jang Uk, however, had been training and Mu-doek masterminded the possibility to let Jang Uk use Tansu while fighting. A broken barrel containing water shattered the plan to manipulate water droplets that could have been easier collected in the atmosphere with Chisu, and since any liquid can do the trick— Mu-deok spilled her blood enabling Jang Uk to unleash a tremendous hit on the crown prince!

7. Mu-deok Wins Servant Contest

Jang Uk won everybody’s heart and the Masters of Cheonbugwan, Jinyowon and Songrim wanted to take him in to train as a mage. After deciding to be among the mages of Songrim, Jang Uk was estranged from his follow-through maid, Mu-deok. Jeongjingak has its own rule and devastated Mu-deok was ready to do anything to be with her young master. 

Songrim was holding a contest to take in new servants and it was the only chance Mu-deok could be near Jang Uk. Getting shortlisted at every stage of the contest, Mu-deok almost got left behind in the barrel-backing race but she had not come that far to lose. With a cry, Mu-deok spent out her last strength to break through— that was a fierce one!

6. So-I Feigned a Perfect blind girl

So-I begged to be spared by showing how useful she could be to Jin Mu to pose for the blind girl to show for the Jinyowon leader as her long-lost daughter.

I don’t know what is the more crazier how could you not flinch at the shards of glass coming to tear your skin, even a blind one should be distorted as the glass pierced through her skin but So-I was a perfect con artist that remain unperturbed, and when it was near her eyes, So-I stares on— A remarkable feat to survive! 

5. Jang Uk and Go Won Gets A Fluttering Heart 

Jang Uk made a trinket from the red and blue precious Jade stone, which he shared with Mu-deok. The jade stone is known to hold a strong connection when paired between couples, and the blue jade trinket made the object of a bet with the crown prince filled with energy.  The crown prince and Jang Uk couldn’t help but follow their thumping hearts to meet each other. 

That was a funny one, if you remembered how keenly they were following the call from the pair of jades, the soundtrack (Scars leave beautiful trace) at that moment made it cute; “…that I’ve finally found you…” exactly when they met at the bridge— Haha! 

4. Mu-deok sucks Eunuch Kim’s Energy 

Jin Mu thought it good to turn Mu-deok, a seeming ordinary maid, into Eunuch Kim who was running wild so he could feed on her energy. While placing Jang Uk in a barrier, Jin Mu gave his usual cornered grin and left the constellation room so Kim could descend on his prey. 

After figuring out how to get out of the barrier, Jang Uk came out to see Mu-deok absorbing Eunuch Kim’s energy instead. A drastic opposite of what was supposed to happen, it was shocking to see the soul-shifter in Mu-deok becoming a monster!  

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3. Master Lee Is A Soul Shifter! 

Master Lee was invited to the palace to ease the anxiety the King was going through when he learned of Eunuch Kim’s petrification, a possibility that there were more soul shifters in the palace became uncomfortable.

Master Lee rose more tension by stating how he could detect soul shifters around, Gwigu was the only existing relic that could detect any soul shifter— Hwansu let him shift his soul into a younger body as he revealed to the King. 

2. Mu-deok Says “Mother” 

Jin Ho-Gyeong, the leader of Jinyowon who had started to distrust the real identity of her so-called found daughter “Jin Buyeon” took pleasure in snuffing life out of Mu-deok and scene played out the mother-daughter good old days when Jin Buyeon was younger as the unconscious Mu-deok let out “Mother” 

That revealed who Mu-deok is, the future priestess of Jinyowon and the real Jin Buyeon. Jin Ho-Gyeong was shocked and snapped to a shocking realization as she fell to the ground. 

1. Jang Uk came back alive 

Running wild and controlled by the bell ringing from Jin Mu, Mu-deok ran her sword into Jang Uk who died when she came around a bit afterward. That moment was gut-wrenching and tearful when everyone witnessed the cremation of Jang Uk’s body. 

Master Lee watched from afar and predicted how the king star cannot end that way, it didn’t take long before the rage of fire from the pyres blew out— Jang Uk was walking out from the smoke alive and unscathed! 

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