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We ranked the Top 10 Self-made millionaire kids in Nigeria


Nigeria is a blessed nation with natural resources and talented and intelligent humans. Our men, women, and even children keep making it big wherever they find themselves, children amassing a great deal of fortune and affluence at a very tender age.

You might have wondered who are the wealthiest kids in the nation. Are they the president’s offspring or royalties? Shockingly this isn’t so as several ordinary children citizens have attained millionaire status, making impressive amounts by capitalizing on their potential early with the support of their parents.

Below, we have ranked the top 10 self-made millionaire children in Nigeria:

10. Marylove Edward

Marylove is a talented Nigerian athlete born in the year 2005. Marylove specializes as a talented tennis player. She speaks about being passionate about becoming the next Serena Williams.

Marylove trains with her father, her most prominent source of encouragement and strength. She also attends the same school Serena and her sister Venus Williams attended under the Temple Management Company (TMC). Marylove won her first tournament in the United States, the USTA Celsius level in the Girls Under 14 tournament, and is thought to be one of the most outstanding prospects in sport so far in Nigeria. In 2017, she was ranked #4 by the Tennis Federation for women’s singles, the 17 years old star tennis player began her sports career at age 4.

Marylove is an incredible tennis player; she has trophies from nearly every junior championship she participates in. She is also estimated to have a net worth of about 36,000 US dollars, equivalent to 15 million Nigerian Naira.

9. Destiny Boy

Destiny Boy, born Afeez Adeshina in 2009, rose to fame with his cover of Davido’s song “IF.” He is a product of talent and hard work, which has helped him build a name in the music industry in Nigeria. Today, Destiny Boy is a progeny of Davido, a fan who caught his attention by performing covers of his songs. Destiny Boy is currently signed under Davido’s record label and has since released several songs featuring artists like Small Doctor, Qdot, and Kojo. Destiny Boy’s cover of Davido’s song “IF” remains his most incredible breakthrough and is estimated to have a net worth of 17 million naira ($40,884).

8. Egypt Ify Ufele

14-year-old Egypt Ify Ufele is a Nigerian-American fashion designer born on 3rd May 2005. Egypt Ify Ufele is the daughter of Emeka Ufele and Dr. Reba Perry; Egypt has an elder sister in the person of Sade Perry, a fashion designer. At some point, Egypt was diagnosed with a critical asthmatic health condition, which landed her in and out of the hospital,  and the number of steroids she took in caused her to add weight, which brought about bullying.

 In a statement by Egypt, she made it clear that she got tired of hearing the humiliating report, “We don’t have clothes for plus sized,” and this was her motivation. She started making garments for herself. Egypt founded the Bully Chasers Charity because she was bullied in school and established a plus-sized clothing business Chubiiline on this account.

Egypt began designing clothes at age seven and dressed models who demonstrated her work at the New York Fashion Week. The fruit indeed doesn’t fall far from the tree as Egypt is primarily inspired by African culture, specifically Nigeria, and this has helped her success story. She has a net worth of 18 million naira ($43’289) and is the United Nations (UN) Junior Ambassador of Peace.

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7. OzzyBosco

Oziomachukwu Favour Majekwu, widely known as Wonderkid and OzzyBosco, was born in 2007 and is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Fifteen years old Oziomachukwu started his music career at a very tender age featuring various famous Nigerian artists.

He got to feature Flavour at age five and featured Olamide at age 6. He has also featured a list of other great musicians, the likes of Terry G, Zlatan, Ruggedman, Vector, Lamborginny, Yemi Sax, Sound Sultan, and M.I. His rise to fame came shortly after he won the Nigerian kids got talent show season 7 and has since been a kid musical sensation.

OzzyBosco has performed for several top Nigerian personalities, such as Ifeanyi Ubah, Oba Rafiu Olusegun Salami, and Senator Ike Ekweremadu. He has also received several awards, one being the Choice Most Promising Young Act Nigerian Teen Choice Awards, and has also received two traditional titles. He sits on this list with an estimated 25 million Nigerian naira ($60,124).

6. Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi, born on the 17th of July 2004 in Delta State, hit public attention after winning the first season of Nigeria Got Talent’s show in 2012 at seven. She was awarded a cash prize of 10 million naira, which made her an overnight millionaire. She is a Nigerian singer, dancer, and social media influencer. Amarachi released her first music single, “Amarachi Dance,” backed up by another hit collaboration featuring Phyno in her “Ova Sabi”.

Amarachi has continued to develop her talents as she participates in numerous shows and runways. Her music video “Ova Sabi” with Phyno was nominated for Best Video By a Minor. Amarachi, as a social media influencer, has done much promotional work for brands with social media accounts and is seen as a model for young girls. She currently has an estimated net worth of $74,553 which is equivalent to 31 million naira, and she is still a student at Benson Idahosa University, Benni City, Edo State.

5. Aunty Success

Success Madubuike, widely known as Aunty Success, is a Nigerian comedian and has gained notoriety in the comedic field. She worked with Mark Angel Comedy and appeared in Mark Angel’s comedy. Aunty Success was born on the 19th of July, 2013,  in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and she is well known for her display of wisdom that puzzles adults in her skits.

Her brand is not just to make people laugh but also to fill her audience with Wisdom. She has a YouTube channel and earns extraordinary money from her channel, her signing to Mark Angel Comedy, and several brand endorsements. She has a net worth of 32 million Naira ($76,958) and, according to some sources, is gradually becoming a replacement for Star Comedian Emmanuella as Success walks in her footsteps.

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4. DJ Young Money

DJ Young Money was born in 2008 to a disc jockey. DJ Young Money succeeded his father in the disc jockey industry and is doing exceptionally great. Through several contracts, the talented 14 years old DJ earns a handsome income which has landed him an estimated net worth of 61 million Naira ($146,702).

In 2016, DJ Young Money signed a contract with K-Nation as the label’s in-house DJ. He professionally began his disc jockey career at the tender age of four. He played at the official party of APC’s former National Leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s 64th birthday party.

He is the youngest disc jockey in the whole of West Africa and one of the wealthiest in Nigeria, his talent for mixing songs for the mood has earned him a name globally, receiving several commendations from celebrities, media personalities, and even politicians. DJ Young Money was recognized as an international sensation when he received the Nickelodeon International Award as “Young African Entertainer” of the year 2018.

3. Emmanuella Samuel

Mark Angel’s Comedy great actress and talented Emmanuella Samuel was born on the 22nd of July, 2010, and hails from Imo State. Emmanuella is young, cunning, intelligent, and creative.

She was discovered by her cousin Mark Angel while on a family vacation. 12-year-old Emmanuella is a very famous child comedian, with her YouTube skits gaining popularity globally.

Considering her beginning, Mark Angel would never have imagined her doing so great, going from comedy skits to stand-up comedy with industry pioneers and becoming a global actress; who would have thought anyway. Emmanuella also does promotional brand influencing for several brands, such as Peak Milk and FreshYo Yogurt Drink.

In 2015 she won the G- Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award, and in 2016 won an award for Top Subscribed Creator from YouTube at the Sub-Saharan YouTube awards. CNN hosted her in November of the same year.  She also won Best New Comedienne and Princess of Comedy Awards at the Afro Australia Music and Movie Awards (AAMMA). She announced landing a role in a Disney movie in 2016. Emmanuella Samuel has an estimated net worth of 62 million naira, approximately $150,000, and a beautiful success story.

2. Ahmed Star Boy

Ahmed, before fame, was constantly hanging out in malls, pursuing a career in music by rapping for random people. In 2017 while Wizkid was performing on stage, he spotted a young boy among the audience singing with so much strength and enthusiasm and called him out.

Wizkid said to Ahmed, “Why you never sleep, come on stage”  Wizkid then handed him a mic to perform. Ahmed took this golden opportunity at fame and delivered good content, keeping Wizkid and the whole audience marveling at his rapping abilities. This made Wizkid pledge to sign him. Wizkid handed Ahmed a sum of 10 million naira to begin his career and signed Ahmed to his record label, StarBoy Entertainment.

Ahmed Star Boy is speculated to have a gross net worth of 65 million Nigeria Naira, this figure is, however, yet to be verified and might be slightly overstated, but there is a conviction beyond reasonable doubt that the young champ is doing great for himself in the industry as he has become a real celebrity popping up on blogs severally and performing at shows as well.

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1. Tife Balogun


The first son of Popular Nigeria artist Wizkid is Boluwatife Balogun, born on the 13th of May, 2011. Asides from being the first son of Wizkid, he Is the CEO of a famous Nigerian clothing line called Czar and Czarina. A clothing line that deals in kid’s clothing, Boluwatife is also a social media influencer, model, dancer, sportsman, and said to be a producer. The famous Celebrity Child loves to use his social media platforms for self-advertisement. He has an Instagram account with over 271 thousand followers, where he posts about his lifestyle and clothing line. Boluwatife once said he would one day love to style some of his favorite artists, which includes his father “Wizkid.”

Boluwatife was able to get into the entertainment and fashion industry and started earning cool at the tender age of nine due to his name and fame, as at 2021 the young boy had a net worth of around $900,000 and has grown to an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million in 2022.  He sits elegantly on this list with these figures as the wealthiest self-made kid in Nigeria, as none of his wealth has been attributed to some proposed inheritance that awaits him. Some sources suggest that Tife currently resides with his mother, Sola Ogudu.

Judging from the list above, Nigeria isn’t only rich in crude oil and petroleum; it is also an oil well for outstanding talents. Many of the nation’s breeds are multi-talented, intelligent, and creative children already making waves in various industries of interest.

This article points to the fact that any child has the potential to succeed exceptionally with just a nudge and support in the right direction. So as Parents, Uncles, and Aunties, be that nudge and support in the right direction for these young folks helping them discover their potential and capitalize on it.

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