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Top 10 Competitive Courses In OAU With Low Chances Of Getting Admitted


Every single admission year, Obafemi Awolowo University continuously records a high number of applicants vying to be admitted to the school. Great Ife is one of the best federal universities in Nigeria and has thousands of students trying to get a spot, making every course in the school like hot cake. Although there are lots of courses to choose from which are less competitive, there are also very competitive ones that only determined and resilient students can select and study. Obafemi Awolowo University’s Anthem lyrics indicate that the school is for learning and culture, sports and struggle.

Every OAU student knows the battle they fought before getting into the prestigious institution and will eagerly tell the tale. One of the key things to note is that you have to work hard, read well and have at least 200 in JAMB to be considered for any course in OAU; then, you can proceed to get the POST UME form and prepare for the exam. There are undoubtedly different choices of courses, but these are the top ten competitive courses in OAU with a low chance of getting admitted:

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One of the Faculty of Administration’s top courses at OAU is Accounting. Of course, you will hardly get any commercial student that doesn’t go for Accounting because of its futuristic opportunities. A graduate of Accounting can write ICAN and become a chartered accountant, so who wouldn’t want that? But the level of competition, especially in OAU, is high. The department also has a record of a lot of graduates with distinction. For you to be considered, you have to meet and even exceed all the departmental requirements.


Finally, we have CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, another competitive course in the Faculty of Engineering. It isn’t a surprise because, just like Mechanical Engineering, many people are after Chemical Engineering because a department graduate has many job opportunities in the future and has a chance of traveling abroad!



If you think architecture is all about drawing on paper, then you are wrong. It is not about who draws best but about who can get more than 210 in JAMB and get above 65 in POST UME. The chances that students would be rejected are also high; it is better to do some research before choosing the course!


Just because it’s a language course doesn’t mean it is not competitive. Students who think the admission process for Law is strenuous and opt for English should also know that it’s not a course for the weak. In the Faculty of Arts, the number of students in the English department is quite large; this shows how many people register for the course yearly. When you write JAMB and score anything less than 250, it might not be easy to balance the score with that of POSTUME to ensure you gain admission. The cutoff for 2021 was 64%, so it’s not bread and butter!


Dentistry is just like Medicine and Surgery, but the cut-off marks are slightly lower. It is also the only department in the College of Medicine with the lowest number of students. They are hardly up to twenty in the department. Not many people choose the course, and yet the admission process is not precisely smooth because it’s a highly competitive professional course. Still, if you could try hard enough to score above the cutoff marks in JAMB and POSTUME, you might be lucky!


Another course on this list is Nursing Science. When most applicants try out Medicine and it falls through, they always go after Nursing due to the popular belief that it’s a professional course and there are higher chances of a better life after you graduate. However, the chances of getting in are meager, first because it’s a medical/professional course, but as long as you have an excellent JAMB score and at least meet the departmental cut-off mark, you might get a chance.


Mechanical engineering is a lucrative course, and many guys want to study it. Mechanical Engineering has other branches, such as robotics engineering, Design engineering, auto research, and many others, and it’s one of the best aspects of Engineering. A student that will go for this course can not take it for granted because a low level of students is admitted into the department yearly in OAU.


3. LAW

Law is one of the most famous courses at OAU, known for its competitiveness. There is a slim chance of getting admitted because of the number of people who choose the course when they fill out their JAMB forms. Also, the Faculty of Law started accepting fresh students, as the NUC recently gave them accreditation in 2020. For a student to get in, the person who has to score an excellent score in JAMB, most preferably 250 and above, with a high score in the POST UTME, the departmental cutoff is also going to be increased, so you have to be prepared!


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The Faculty of Pharmacy is filled with great lecturers and brilliant students. Any student studying Pharmacy is worthy of being praised for their brilliance because selecting Pharmacy and getting the course is not easy at all. The Faculty of Pharmacy don’t just admit students leisurely. For example, last year, the conditions were that a student must score 252 in JAMB and 73 in POSTUME before they could reach the merit list and be selected. This is no easy feat, as the number of applicants was even more than what the department would love to admit; only a strong comrade can be accepted.

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Eighty percent of every student that graduates from science class wants to be a doctor; if you ask most students or check their secondary school yearbook, it’s always Medicine and Surgery. It’s a nice dream to have and quite commendable. Still, you’d have to go the extra mile to get into the Faculty of Clinical Sciences at Obafemi Awolowo University. First, it’s advisable not to have anything less than 280 in JAMB. Then your O’level results should stand firm with A’s and B’s, and finally, in the POSTUME, you shouldn’t score less than the cutoff mark. The school cut-off mark varies, but it has always climbed higher each year, and in 2021, it was 80%. So even though many people apply for the course, it’s only likely that a few people will be admitted as it’s highly competitive. Think twice before going for Medicine!


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This list is not to discourage anyone who chose these courses but to let you know what you are in for. As much as it is fantastic to be interested, the reality is that unless your name is on the merit list, there might be no chances of admission because Obafemi Awolowo University is known to be strict regarding the admission process. So, work hard, read well, treat past questions and do a whole lot of research before you choose any course in OAU

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