Friday, April 19, 2024

Election: Osun State Government Prioritizes Voter’s Participation by Declaring Work-Free Day


According to a statement endorsed by Mr. Teslim Igbalaye, the Secretary to the State Government stated that the reason for the holiday is to facilitate the travel of residents and indigenes to participate in the Presidential and National Assembly elections scheduled to take place on Saturday.

The statement also mentioned that public servants were anticipated to leverage the opportunity to travel and engage in the electoral process.

The statement also included the following message, “This is a moment for every citizen to exercise their right to vote. The Governor reiterates his appeal to all residents to abide by the law and conduct themselves peacefully as they exercise their right to vote on Saturday and in subsequent elections.”

In conclusion, the decision by the Osun State government to declare Friday a work-free day in anticipation of the upcoming election is meritorious to encourage voter turnout and promote civic participation of each citizens. As the Election Day is fast approaching, it’s advisable to vote wisely and participate in the election to fulfil out civil rights and obligations.

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