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OAUHistory – How the famous “motion ground” in OAU got its name


Obafemi Awolowo University remains one of the best universities in Nigeria and in the world at large, especially when it comes to unmatched architectural complexities. Take a look at some astonishing structures, including but not limited to these structures with names called, Senate building, Spider, Pharmacy building, AJOSE LECTURE Theater, Natural Museum, and so on.

Apart from its unique structures, there are other breathtaking layouts, gardens, and the likes which are most pleasing to the eyes and for relaxation. One notable place in OAU which is cool to relax and popular is the OAU motion ground. Virtually every single OAU student and staff knows about motion ground considering its reputation and location. Everyone knows it’s called motion ground, but only a few actually know why? If I may ask, do you know why? If you don’t, I will tell you the story behind it.

Let’s take you back to the 90s, the white and black era, Afro hair culture, long and baggy trousers, and any other old-school lifestyle you can think of. This period goes close to 30 years after the inception of the university.

Motion Ground OAU | iNSIDE oau Media

So, back in the days there was this special camera that could take pictures when people are in motion, walking, running and performing certain actions. The camera was very popular and was always around what is now called motion ground today.

Ladies happen to love the camera so much, you know, ladies love to get themselves behind the lens to show their beauty. They were also the best customers for the camera as they purchased it a lot. So, similar to when an average person passes through motion ground today and the passport vendors keep calling “passport, passport, passport” and trying all ways to persuade you to get a passport so also, so it was called, “motion, motion, motion…” Hence, the name motion ground today.

Now that you know the true story behind motion ground, so if you’ve ever wondered the reason behind the name, let’s know what reasons you’ve thought of in the comment box below, we’ll love to hear from you.

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