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Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Hostels in OAU


Did you just gain admission to OAU as a female? Well, then, congratulations! Are you thinking about which federal university has female hostels and what these hostels look like? Or maybe you just want to be informed about OAU and the female hostels within its walls. If you are in any of the categories above, we’ve got you. This article is here to rank the five female hostels that OAU has and how they are viewed. Explore OAU with us.


This is a hostel that can house both males and females and is mainly for postgraduates. Although many describe the hostel as boring and too quiet, it has the best of the best in terms of social amenities. We rarely hear complaints from the residents. However, because it is mainly for postgraduate students, there is not much information available about the hostel except that it is close to the Alumni Hostel and is usually quiet throughout the day.


Mozambique Hall is named after a country that helped when the institution of learning was being developed. It is mainly for Part I students and has fifteen blocks, each containing ten rooms. It is located at the end of campus, just opposite Angola Hall and Awo Hall (both male halls). However, it is a little far from many things including the academic area, the health center, and others.

It is the most populated, as there are eight people per room. The place is always hustling and bustling in the evenings. Mozambique Hall has all the basic amenities they need and even a well in case of water problems. There is a basketball court and a viewing center present within its walls too. The females experience a great deal of water scarcity about 30% of the time in a session, which is explainable because of the number of occupants in this hostel.


Akintola Hostel was named after a famous man called “Chief Ladoke Akintola.” They have five blocks. Akintola Hall is close to Academics, the Religion Ground, the Sports complex, and the SUB area. Just four people in a room. The hostel is for freshers and stalites alike. Akintola Hall is full of final-year students, which makes it a special place to be for other-level students. The place is quite big and has a large expanse of land. There are basic social amenities available, including four taps to supply water, a cybercafe, and 20% water scarcity in the hostel within an academic session.


As the name implies, Alumni Hall was built by a group of past graduates of OAU, and it has five annex blocks and four-story blocks. Alumni Hall is located opposite the University’s Health Center, a few minutes from the popular As E Dey Hot stand, and a bikeable distance from New Market. It allows four students per room. In terms of entertainment, it ranks last, but in terms of beauty and serenity, it ranks first. The hostel is for freshers and stalites alike.

The hall is quite quiet, well-fenced, and what goes on inside is not visible to the outside world. Alumni Hall has everything the females need inside its walls. These include a supermarket, a well-wired reading room with solar panels to power the room in case of light malfunction, and a cinema hall where relaxation and visits are entertained. The alumni hall is said to have a basketball court for anyone interested in playing the game. There is approximately 10% water scarcity in this hall throughout the whole academic year.


Moremi is named after the popular Yoruba female, Moremi Ajansoro. Moremi Hall is the largest female hostel on the OAU campus, was the first female hostel, and was commissioned in 1979. It is located at the heart of the campus, nearest to the academic area, and also near popular hotspots such as As E Hot, the Pharmacy Shop, Risky, Suya, the Health Center, New Buka, and ThrillHouse. There are four people in a room.

The hall has six-story buildings with fifteen rooms each. The hostel is for freshmen and students alike. Moremi Hall is well-known for having the biggest water reservoir in the university, and students living therein are privileged to be close—very close—to all they need academically, materially, and socially. There is evidence of free WiFi provided by the school, which is quite strong at the Moremi Hall of Residence. The females in this hostel rarely complain of water or light issues.



Maintenance Hostel

The maintenance hostel is not typically a hostel within the campus. It is situated very close to the campus gate, away from many things available on campus but close to the main university entrance. It has a number of buildings under different names, and they are all privately owned. Its occupants can go out for anything they like or patronize the retail sellers surrounding the buildings. The hostel is quite expensive, and everyone living there is regarded as a “big girl,” as they have to pay hundreds of thousands to live there. The hostel has all the basic amenities available, but there are occasional power and water outages, which means that the hostel is not perfect. However, you can stay alone in a room or share it with a roommate and do whatever you like in the room. This luxury is not available in the university-provided hostels.


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