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African Awards Bigger Than Headies


Prestigious award shows serve as beacons of excellence in the enthralling African entertainment industry, recognizing the unmatched talent and inventiveness that characterize the region’s rich cultural diversity. Among these, the Headies Award, a renowned award for Nigerian music, has long been appreciated by both performers and followers. Outside of Nigeria, many more prestigious awards merit consideration, honoring outstanding artists from different African countries.


In this article, we embark on an exhilarating tour of the glitz and glamour of African award shows that cross boundaries and raise the caliber of African art to new heights. We highlight those prestigious occasions that have garnered praise from around the world and honored some of the continent’s most outstanding performers. Enjoy!


Black Entertainment Television, or BET

Black Entertainment Television, or BET, is a cable and satellite television network in the United States that largely concentrates on media relating to African American and African culture, such as music, movies, TV shows, and news. Robert L. Johnson established it in 1980, making it the first television network solely serving African-American viewers.


The “BET Awards” are among the most well-known events that BET hosts. The BET Awards is a yearly awards show that honors accomplishments made by African Americans and other minorities in the entertainment industry, including music, film, television, sports, and philanthropy. The celebration also honors well-known people and those who have significantly influenced black society and culture.


A summary of the typical flow of the BET Awards presentation is provided below:

  • Red Carpet: Celebrities, musicians, and entertainers stroll the red carpet before the event, exhibiting their fashionable attire and mingling with the media.
  • Opening Performance: The event kicks off with a dynamic performance, frequently starring top musicians.
  • Awards Presentations: Winners of awards in several categories are recognized during the event. These categories include Best Actress/Actor, Best Hip Hop Artist, Best Female/Male R&B/Pop Artist, and numerous others.
  • The BET Awards are recognized for their engaging musical performances by well-known musicians, covering a variety of musical genres and frequently including collaborations and unexpected guest appearances.
  • Tributes & Special Honors: The celebration honors important individuals and creative talent who have made major contributions to black culture and the entertainment business. During these segments, tribute performances and video montages are frequently shown.
  • Social and Cultural Impact: Through stirring speeches, funny sketches, and thought-provoking performances, the BET Awards frequently touch on significant social and cultural issues affecting the African-American community.
  • Fashion & Style: Artists and attendees frequently use their attire to make statements or respect their cultural background, making fashion an important component of the BET Awards.

The ceremony comes to a close with a great closing performance and a farewell address from the hosts or presenters. The BET Awards are a much-anticipated and cherished occasion among the African-American and entertainment communities because they bring together a varied array of entertainers, sports figures, and activists. It has established itself as a legendary venue for presenting the diversity of African-American talent, innovation, and culture on a global scale.


Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA)

The annual Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) ceremony honors exceptional contributions to the continent’s cinema and television industries. The AMVCA recognizes actors, filmmakers, scriptwriters, directors, and other industry professionals for their outstanding contributions to the African cinema and television environment. It is run by Africa Magic, a DStv channel that features African entertainment programming.


Since its debut in 2013, the AMVCA has grown to rank among the most prominent and well-known honors in the African entertainment sector. Its goal is to advance and honor superior storytelling, originality, and production in the African cinema and television industries. The awards event includes several categories that encompass many facets of movie and television production, including Best Actor/Actress, Best Movie, Best Director, Best Television Series, and many more. Winners are chosen by a combination of public voting and a panel of industry experts, with nominees chosen based on their performances or work during the eligibility period.


The AMVCA is not only a venue for celebrating industry leaders, but it also provides African actors and filmmakers with a chance to be seen and recognized abroad. The occasion draws a sizable audience from the continent and beyond and brings together some of the best actors and television producers from Africa. AMVCA ceremonies frequently feature exciting performances, fashion shows, and moving speeches that highlight the influence of the film and television business on African culture and society in addition to the prizes. It honors African ingenuity, storytelling, and the outstanding achievements of people and groups that sustain the sector. The AMVCA is a key occasion that promotes the expansion and global recognition of the African cinema and television industry because of its increasing importance and popularity.


African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)

The annual African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) ceremony honors achievements in the continent’s film industry. The AMAA was founded in 2005 to promote and exhibit African cinema to a global audience. It honors exceptional achievements in filmmaking from all over the continent. The AMAA is regarded as one of Africa’s most distinguished cinema awards and has grown in stature both domestically and internationally. The awards ceremony provides a venue for recognizing the extraordinary abilities, originality, and storytelling skills of African performers and filmmakers.


The African Movie Academy Awards’ main characteristics are as follows:

  • Categories for Awards: The AMAA awards in several different categories, such as Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and many more. These categories recognize the entire filmmaking process by encompassing many facets of film production and performances.
  • Pan-African Recognition: Entrants for the AMAA are welcome from anywhere on the African continent, and nominations and winners come from a variety of nations and cultures. It honors the coherence and diversity of African film.
  • The AMAA nominates movies that were released during a predetermined period of eligibility. The nominees are chosen by a committee of seasoned businesspeople from several African nations. Afterward, the AMAA Academy and a small jury vote to choose the winners.
  • Recognition of Achievements: In addition to honoring directors and actors, the AMAA regularly presents special recognition awards to people and groups that have made noteworthy contributions to the expansion and development of the African film industry.
  • African filmmakers have a significant platform to present their work to a wider audience because of the AMAA, which helps to raise awareness of and interest in African cinema around the world.

Celebrities, directors, and actors from many African nations attend the AMAA ceremony because of its gloss and splendor. It acknowledges the influence that African cinema has had on culture, society, and the international film industry and celebrates the storytelling potential of the moving image. The AMAA has been instrumental in advancing African cinema over the years and encouraging networking and cooperation among filmmakers on the continent. While celebrating the accomplishments of people who contribute to the colorful and varied cinema scene in Africa, it continues to act as a catalyst for developing creativity and innovation in African filmmaking.


Soundcity MVP Awards Festival

Soundcity TV, a well-liked music and entertainment channel in Africa, hosts the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival. The celebration honors notable accomplishments in the African music business and pays tribute to musicians, producers, and other industry professionals. The Soundcity MVP Awards honor outstanding performers across a range of musical genres and categories, including Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best New Artist, Best Group/Duo, Best Collaboration, and more. The Best African DJ, Producer of the Year, and Song of the Year are among the other honorees of the ceremony.


Typically, the selection procedure combines a public vote with comments from a group of business leaders and music critics. Voting for favorite musicians and songs gives fans and music lovers the chance to influence the selection of the winners. The ceremony itself is a glitzy and celebrity-studded affair that draws leading artists, business figures, and celebrities from all over the African continent. The Soundcity MVP Awards offer a venue for showcasing the vitality and variety of African music while recognizing the skills and labor of the performers who have had a significant influence on the field.


The awards ceremony aims to spotlight up-and-coming performers and promote African music on a global stage. The Soundcity MVP Awards Festival, which honors the rapidly expanding African music industry and its impact on the worldwide music scene, is still an important occasion as the music landscape changes.


All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 

The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) is a yearly celebration and recognition of the best musical achievements and talents across the African continent. AFRIMA seeks to highlight the diversity and wealth of African musical genres and talents while promoting African music, culture, and creativity on a global scale. AFRIMA was first held in 2014 and has since grown to rank among the most renowned music awards ceremonies in the continent. It provides a venue for musicians like performers, composers, producers, and others to be recognized and awarded for their outstanding contributions to the music business.


The All Africa Music Awards’ main characteristics are:

  • Pan-African Representation: AFRIMA welcomes submissions from musicians from all across the continent, ensuring a diversified representation of musical prowess from all nations and areas of the continent.
  • A wide number of award categories are covered by AFRIMA, including Best Male/Female Artist, Best Album, Best Collaboration, Best New Artist, Best Song, Best African DJ, and more. This broad range of categories recognizes various facets of musical performance and creation.
  • Voting by the Public and Jury: The AFRIMA voting procedure includes input from both the general public and a jury of music industry professionals. The public casts online votes for their favorite musicians and songs, and the jury, which is made up of music industry professionals, helps determine the winners.
  • AFRIMA Music Village: AFRIMA sponsors the Music Village, a lively music concert that features performances by nominated musicians as well as other entertainment activities, before the awards ceremony. It acts as an introduction to the main awards ceremony.
  • Impact on the continent: AFRIMA highlights music’s ability to unite Africa by fostering intercultural dialogue and harmony through the celebration of many musical cultures.


The AFRIMA ceremony is a lavish event that includes mesmerizing performances by prominent African singers and appearances by illustrious members of the entertainment world. The event draws a large crowd that includes music lovers, business leaders, and media from all around Africa and beyond. By giving musicians a stage to acquire recognition outside of their home countries, fostering collaboration, and promoting awareness of the musical history of the continent, AFRIMA continues to play a crucial role in improving the position of African music on a global scale.


In conclusion, it should be noted that the world of African entertainment is studded with a wide variety of distinguished honors that cut across national boundaries and recognize remarkable talent throughout the continent. While the Headies Award is still highly regarded within Nigeria, the appeal and significance of honors like the ones we outlined above go across national lines.


These prestigious events act as thriving venues that bring African artists together, promote cultural variety and advance the continent’s artistic brilliance to international acclaim. We continue to be in awe of the craftsmanship and brilliance that characterize Africa’s rich cultural legacy as we observe the unifying power of music, film, and entertainment at these distinguished events. 


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