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5 Things People Staying On OAU Campus Enjoy


As we all know that hostels are mostly awarded to some freshers and final year students but still there are other levels who find ways to get a bed space on campus (odogwu geng), I am sure you guys want to know why people really ballot to stay on campus, what do they enjoy, why do people go through all means to get bedspace. Here the following are five (5) benefits of staying on campus:

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1. Constant Electricity

One thing everyone can attest to is the stable electricity on OAU campus. Only on rare occasion does campus hostels experience blackout, even when it does, Almighty Solar is there to save lives. I believe apart from food, electricity is part of the major needs of a student.


2. Free Movement

As you all know OAU campus is Cultists free, one thing we can always brag on any time, any day. Both male and female students walk freely on campus, it’s funny how you tell your friends you’re returning to your room from academics and they can’t relate because their campus isn’t like OAU campus. The freedom to stretch your legs and see your friends irrespective of the time is one major advantage of staying on campus.

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3. Regular Shows

One thing that is common in OAU is regular shows and concerts. And for a party lover, you sure don’t want to miss them, but also where do you plan to stay when this shows extend into the night and you can’t leave campus? This is another benefit of staying on campus, finish the concert get to your room and sleep like the baby that you are.

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4. Early Morning Classes

Due to the fact that some lecturers fix their classes very early in the morning, getting to classes really early is sometimes impossible. This is another thing those staying on campus enjoy. Regardless of the time given, it’s easy for someone staying on campus to get to the venue earlier than those staying off campus.

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5. Save Money

With a bedspace given out for less than five thousand naira, it definitely save you alot of money. Apart from that the cost of transportation, you’re saved from the stress of struggling for bus also being removed. In many ways money is being saved my staying on campus.

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They don’t seem like a big deal to you, right? Until you stay for a session you’ll understand what those staying on campus are enjoying. Even though they suffer somethings, there’s nothing without disadvantage.

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