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#FreshMen101- List of OAU Departmental Courses to be registered by Part 1 & 2 students in Faculty of Pharmacy (2023)


Welcome to “FreshMen101,”  your ultimate guide to academic success in Africa’s most beautiful Campus, Obafemi Awolowo University. With the OAU 2023 E-portal now active for course registration, we understand that as Freshers, you might be unsure about which courses to register for in your department. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of departmental courses within the Faculty of Pharmacy.

BOT 101
BOT 103
MTH 105
CHM 101
CHM 103
PHY 105
PHY 107
ZOO 101
ZOO 103
PHA 201
PHA 203
PCL 201
PHI 201
PHI 203
PCG 201

Disclaimer – Please, we encourage you to verify these courses with your Part adviser and seek advice from your senior colleagues. Keep in mind that this information was last updated in 2021, and there may have been changes in the curriculum. This post is intended to provide you with guidance and offer insight into your academic path. 

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