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OAU student set to break Guinness World Record; Here’s everything we know


OAU students, let me hear you scream “Greatest ife !!!” . The true greatness of Obafemi Awolowo University ; Africa’s most beautiful campus doesn’t stem solely from the institution but is rather shaped by the students who have passed through its gates. One shining example of this greatness is ‘Enitan Subair,‘ poised to make history by attempting the record for the longest hand-washing marathon by an individual. Dive into the details as we present everything you need to know about the upcoming OAU Wash-a-thon.

There is really only one day left. One day till Obafemi Awolowo University student, Enitan Subair attempts to break the Guiness World record for the longest hand-washing marathon attempted by an individual. Are you curious? Confused maybe? Or you’re sceptical, However you feel about this, you probably have a lot of questions about Enitan. And with this article, I hope I can answer most of them.


The Wash-a-thon is set to unfold from the 24th to the 26th of November, featuring a 50-hour cloth-washing extravaganza at OAU SUB. Interested in washing your clothes during this marathon? Bring your clothes to the registration spot at SUB by 4 pm today (23rd November 2023)

What do we know about Enitan Subair? Who is she, what’s her history and why did she decide to take on this challenge?

Eniatn Subair is an OAU student who has decided to attempt a 50-hour long OAU wash-a-thon in hopes of making history and being crowned the newest record holder. She currently holds the title of “ Omidan Asa of Ile Ife 2023” Enitan features as one of the chanters in the well-known Nollywood movie, JagunJagun. The OAU student is also one of the top five finalists of the face of Osun Pageantry. Enitan is also an actress who plays the role of one of the mischievous students in the movie, Okoto.


The historical event is taking place at the SUB Car Park, in OAU. If you want to support her or you’re just curious to see how this all plays out, you can go there between the 24th of November and the 26th of November to watch. Honestly, I wish her luck and I hope that she’s able to bring it home for not just OAU, but Nigeria at large.


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