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8 Verified ways to secure convocation rice in OAU (2023)


Convocation and Rice are two things that always follow each other just like bread and akara.  Africa’s most beautiful campus (OAU) is set to have its 47th convocation ceremony this week. Amidst the struggle in OAU, every undergraduate dream is to graduate;  Regardless, the atmosphere today is of joy and happiness irrespective of the CGPA. There is a uniqueness to convocation which is the convocation rice; convocation rice is a special delicacy that can only be seen or eaten on convocation days, so it is only a once in a year something.

some of us woke up this morning with the mindset of securing breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the ongoing convocation ceremony, say no more, for I would be teaching the best approach to going home several takeaways of rice.

POV- This Author has a bachelor’s degree in securing convocation rice and she is currently undergoing her master’s degree in this same course. she has been banned from 7 school convocations due to the numerous numbers of takeaways she goes home with every year. so you can be rest assured you are learning from the best.

Follow me while I give you 10 ‘‘surest” ways to get convocation rice.

1. Follow who know road!!!



The popular adage “Follow who know road” is definitely one of the biggest secrets to securing lots of takeaways, While some students are here to read, some are here to make friends, This set of people literary knows almost everyone in the school. In order to secure a high number of takeaway, you are expected to make friends with this set of people or know someone that knows them, all you have to do is follow them around ..

2. Don’t overdress


No go wear your best outfits o cos no be you dey do Convocation and no dress like you say you dey beg as well . Just be in between both. A little touch of rich and broke vibes at the same time just like Abule Egba Jeff Bezos.

3. Help the parent of the graduands


Every typical African parent appreciates a hardworking fellow. So to secure plenty takeaway of rice be ready to do house boy and girl duties, from carrying chairs to carrying canopy down to serving food. All I can say is that your effort would be rewarded with plenty takeaway.

4. Pretend to know the graduand



You really don’t need to know anyone before you secure plenty takeaway of rice. I was at the University of Jos last year and I went home with 100 takeaway of rice without knowing a single soul. All you have to do is pretend as if you have met them before then form a touching story about how thankful you are for the help they rendered to you in the past. Something like ‘Bro Tobi, you don’t remember me from awo hall the day you gave me food  …’

5.No go dey form scholars with big grammar


As we do know English is not our mother’s language but rather borrowed, you are expected to speak simple grammar and if possible the native language of the graduand because majority of the people coming aren’t youngsters but the old like their parents and grandparents, so your English wouldn’t be necessary except for special cases.

To support the hussle , we have created a group majorly dedicated to convocation rice update ! just like we said we are here to support you all through the way , click here to join

6. Shower both the graduands and parents with prayers of love and thanksgiving.


The moment you see the parents & graduand try as much as possible to begin to pray for them trust me your ticket to food is certain

7. Greet them well


Every African Parent likes a respectful kid, so make sure to greet them either by prostrating as a guy or kneeling as a lady, the next thing you would hear is “Shola, give me one takeaway there” and there you go, food is secured.

8. Help them clean at the end of the whole ceremony


Yeah, this is you doing part 2 of house boy/girl duties, you will be waiting till the end to help them pack chairs, canopies, and tables amongst other things.  I know you are thinking that at this point food would have finished but trust me every African parent used to have one mummy Lola, chichi, hassan, and joy that they have promised to bring food for, my brother you will just end up collecting one of mummy Lola packages after helping them clean.. If you can wait till the end then you don’t have to worry about food for the whole of the week.


I am so certain that at least one of these tips would help secure takeaways of rice, kindly share with us more tips in the comment section, you can never tell, you are saving a life …Happy convocation to every OAU Student graduating today, We wish you a better life ahead with plenty of wins. The Orange & Blue brand loves y’all.




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