Friday, April 19, 2024

#HappyValentine’sDay – 5 Places Where Somebody’s Son Can Find You on OAU Campus (2024)


Disclaimer: This article is based on the writer’s view.

Following the trend of Tiwa Savage’s song which goes by “somebody’s son go find me one day“. You want someone’s son to find you on campus, yet you don’t leave your room. You leave your room for classes and go back to your room, you don’t even read in academics. How do you want someobody’s son to find you?

Anyway, if you really want locations where somebody’s son will find you, then you really need to read this to the end.


As a fresher, one of the places somebody’s son can find you is Anglomoz, because stalites like to catch the fresh blood on campus, following the trend “catch them young”. Someobody’s son can always find you if you pass through Anglomoz always.



It’s no news that the Sport Complex is one of the places you find a large number of handsome guys. You can always take a stroll there and somebody’s son will definitely find you.


Chemistry oven is one of the best places somebody’s son can find you. Almost everyone loves to read in Chemistry Oven. Start reading there and you can also find someone’s daughter there.


Oduduwa Lecture Theatre is close to Orente, Kayschippy as well as Rotunda. So big guys/girls will always come around and if you hang around, someone’s son might eventually find you.


Admin Extension is one of the most populated venues for reading. You know all work no play will make you a dull child so how will you always read without having fun? Go there and see if you won’t find someone’s daughter or someone’s son won’t find you.

There are several places aside from those mentioned where somebody’s son can find you. You can do well to put your opinion in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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