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[Anonymous Experience] 10 OAU Students Shares Their Opinion On The Situation On Campus


Our Great Obafemi Awolowo University has been facing a lot of troubles in the past few days, as it started with the appointment of the new VC, then chaos as Ife indigenes troubles the school environment to Osun worshippers invading campus to the extent that even masquerade came out. Almost all activities has been on hold, so 10 OAU students shares their opinion on the situation on campus.

1. I think all this protest are not necessary. The problem we have here is most of the ife indigenes that are protesting are illiterates, and they did not understand that attaining the post if a VC in a federal University is not by heritage or by inheritance. I think the school authorities in conjunction with the ọọni of ife should sit the protesters down and talk to them, making them understand this things.

2. Education is not property that can inherit by the blood group of the family. Academic is not like politics that people can do whatever they like therefore the New VC IS QUALIFIED TO BE THERE.

3. This protest is baseless. I don’t think being an indigene should be a criteria for this post, moreover ife people should understand that this university belongs to the federal government and not to them. I honestly think prof Bamire is the eligible candidate

4. They just portrayed to us their true color Who will want an ife indigene like this What a shame they are

5. What they are doing is stupidity

6. This their fight is baseless o because how will a sane person brings sacrifice and occculists to campus a school environment for that matter because their Indigene is not elected as the VC of a federal university when it’s not kingship. They should use their sense o we no want wahala for our own school o

7. In a sane society, those bunch of jokers would have been seriously dealt with by a responsible Government for causing unrest in an intellectual environment like OAU. These obnoxious actions of theirs have once again shown us that We’ve really lost it in this part of the World. Illiteracy is indeed a disease If it were to be Students who have been staging protests for the past few days, the school management would have called on Police force to attack the innocent students. They would have declared total Closure of the University. Since the school management has failed to act in order to defend the students populace and the University community, It’s high time the Osun State Government and His Imperial Majesty Oba Ogunwusi Ojaja II called these people to order before the issue finally get out of hand because it must not continue this way. Concerned Citizen.

8. Rufus ko rufus ni Out of 16 participants he carried the 9th position and you think he’s eligible, hell Ná Ife indigenes are being unreasonable rn cos if they end up locking the school they will be the one to suffer more This is not Ife community school oooo it’s a federal university please.

9. I think of they followed the old criteria, Professor Rufus might be eligible, they might be fighting for a cause, who knows, I just think the governing council should be more transparent on the criteria used.

10. I think in an academic environment, this is barbaric and uncalled for. Arrant nonsense!

Different people have shared their opinion on the current situation on OAU campus. However, it’s rumoured that the protest would continue on Monday, for now, campus is safe.

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