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Top 5 Androids Used On OAU Campus


In a world that we’re judged based on our appearance, in a world where the gadget you use determines your account balance. The richest are the iPhone users and Android users, well that is by the way. As many can’t afford or let me put it as some people do not like the Apple brand, they settle for Androids. On OAU campus, you’re either the Android user or the iPhone user, as they are the most common. Android users, this list is for you, check if your phone falls in.

Disclaimer: A proper research wasn’t carried out, this article is based on the writer’s view.

1. Samsung

Samsung is one of the earliest pioneer of Android-based smartphones in the Nigerian market. Samsung is not for the weak and light-minded, it is the most common used Android on OAU campus. To live up to iPhone users many android users go for Samsung as it shows how big and classy they are.

Samsung A Series

2. Infinix

Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone company founded in 2013 by Transsion Holdings. Infinix users here and there, everywhere you look on OAU campus, you must sight an infinix user. Infinix is one of the most common phones used on campus.

Infinix Note 10 pro

3. Tecno

Tecno Mobile  is a Chinese  mobile phone  manufacturer based in  Shenzhen,  China.  It was established in 2006. It is a subsidiary of  Transsion Holdings, which is the reason Tecno brands are similar to Infinix. I used to think Tecno has gone into exile, because compared to few years back, Tecno products aren’t reigning like they used to, but on OAU campus, I have seen and heard different Tecno brands, even phones I don’t know falls under Tecno. In every 10 OAU students, 2 is a Tecno user.

Tecno Camon 17 Pro

4. Redmi

Redmi  is a subsidiary company owned by the Chinese electronics company  Xiaomi. Those people that feels like they’ve made it in life after iPhone and Samsung users are those using Redmi. They want you to know their phone is Redmi, just say can you please lend me your phone, you’d hear, it is Redmi, got it at this that. Lol.


5. Itel

Itel Mobile  is a China-based mobile phone manufacturer company headquartered in  Shenzhen, China. The firm was founded by  Lei Weiguo  and  Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co Limited  in March 2014. Itel has made Android really affordable for everyone. Itel users are quite many on OAU campus, the thing is, itel has rebranded in such a way you’d never guess the brand of that beautiful phone is Itel, for every beautiful new design you see, don’t assume it’s Samsung, because it is Itel.

Itel S17

The Koko of the matter here is, everywhere you go on OAU campus, you must see these phone users. Take a survey, go to a block in any hall of residence, check all rooms on that block, you’d find these Android users, every other brand aside this will be really few.

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