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10 Type Of Students You Will Meet In OAU Night Reading.


OAU Night Reading is a popular phenomenon on the campus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Night reading is seen as a tradition on the OAU campus and it started as a result of the academic pressure and workload students face, which makes it challenging for them to cover their course materials during the day. Therefore, students tend to converge at the school’s central library, the Awolowo Cafe, various faculty libraries, and lecture theaters to read late into the night.
While Night Reading is popular on the OAU campus, it is not just about academics. It provides students with an opportunity to interact and socialize with their colleagues, sometimes creating lifelong friendships. In this article, we will take a look at 10 types of students you are likely to meet during OAU Night Reading.

1. The Night Owl.

The Night Owl is the student who thrives in the night. They tend to stay up late into the night, and that’s when they are most productive. They find Night Reading sessions to be a perfect fit for their academic lifestyle, as they can study in peace and quiet without any interruptions.

2. The Social Butterfly.

The Social Butterfly is the student who is always seeking to socialize and interact with others. They are easily distracted and may not get as much work done as they should, but they enjoy the social aspect of Night Reading. They can be found moving from one group to another, making friends, and chatting away.

3. The Serious Student.

The Serious Student is the one who takes Night Reading very seriously. They come with a goal in mind, and nothing can deter them from achieving it. They are seen with their heads buried in their books, and they rarely interact with others. They understand the importance of Night Reading and are committed to making the most of it.

4. The Procrastinator.

The Procrastinator is the student who always puts things off until the last minute. They may have a lot of work to do, but they tend to procrastinate until the pressure is too much to bear. They often attend Night Reading sessions out of necessity, as it is the only way they can meet their deadlines.

5. The Groupie.

The Groupie is the student who prefers to study in groups. They enjoy the synergy that comes with studying with others and find it easier to stay motivated when they have a group to hold them accountable. They can be found huddled around a table, discussing their course materials and exchanging ideas.

6. The Comedian.

The Comedian is the student who is always looking for ways to make others laugh. They find Night Reading sessions to be an excellent opportunity to showcase their comedic skills. They often crack jokes and make witty comments, lightening up the mood in the room.

7. The Musician.

The Musician is the student who loves to listen to music while studying. They find it easier to concentrate when they have their favorite songs playing in the background. They can be found with their earphones plugged in, nodding their heads to the beat.

8. The Multitasker.

The Multitasker is the student who is always doing multiple things at once. They may be studying, chatting with friends, and eating all at the same time. They thrive on the pressure of having to manage several tasks simultaneously, and Night Reading provides them with an excellent opportunity to do so.

9. The Sleeper.

The Sleeper is the student who tends to doze off during Night Reading sessions. They may have every intention of studying, but they find it challenging to stay awake. They can be found nodding off in their chairs or lying down on a nearby bench.

10. The NightCrawler.

The NightCrawler is the student who attends Night reading sessions for the fun of it. They may not have much work to do but are known for their love of staying up late and studying throughout the night.
Nightcrawlers are often the most focused and disciplined students on campus, as they are willing to sacrifice sleep and leisure time in order to achieve their academic goals.

Conclusively, the OAU Night Reading experience is a unique one that offers students the opportunity to study in a focused and disciplined environment. However, it is not just the environment that makes this experience memorable, but the diverse types of students that one can encounter during these sessions. From the nightcrawlers who burn the midnight oil, to the social butterflies who use the night reading as a chance to connect with others, there is never a dull moment in the OAU night reading.
In the end, the OAU Night Reading is more than just a study session. It is an opportunity for students to connect with their peers, challenge themselves academically, and ultimately grow into wellrounded individuals. Whether you are a night crawler, a social butterfly, or somewhere in between, the OAU Night Reading has something to offer everyone. So the next time you find yourself burning the midnight oil in the Main Library or a Faculty Library, take a moment to appreciate the unique community that surrounds you.

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