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Ten Items You Will Find In Every OAU Student’s Bag


Obafemi Awolowo University is a federal institution in Nigeria which is renowned for its production of excellent students. The University annually admits over 5000 students from diverse places and tribes, serving as a unifying force for its students. Due to the dynamic nature of OAU and Ile-Ife, there are specific items that you will find in every student’s bag. Below is a list of ten such items.

1) Cash/Atm card

To avoid being stranded or caught off guard during emergencies, students always make sure to carry cash or their cards. As a student, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere without either of these.

2) Phone Charger

To thrive as an OAU student, preparedness is key. You may plan for a three-hour stay on campus and end up being there for six hours or more. As a result, OAU students always carry their chargers with them so that once they find a charging spot, they can quickly power up without wasting any time.

3) Earphones

It is uncommon to come across an OAU student without earphones or AirPods. These gadgets are primarily used to listen to music and block out external noise.

4) Condom

Most OAU guys often have this item in their cross bags or wallets. According to them, there’s nothing amiss with staying prepared for any situation.

5) Tutorial manuals

It is common knowledge that OAU is a challenging institution, and attending classes alone does not guarantee comprehension of the course material. Therefore, most OAU students seek further understanding by attending tutorials and acquiring manuals.

6) Keys

It’s impossible to come across an OAU student without a key. This key could be for their car, hostel, or even wardrobe for those who reside on campus.

7) Calculator

This item is crucial for all OAU science students due to the nature of their courses and the possibility of impromptu tests. Therefore, they always carry a calculator with them as sharing with coursemates may prove difficult.

8) Jotter

A majority of OAU students always have a jotter with them, and it serves as their go-to notepad for all courses. Not everyone can endure the hassle of carrying different books for each course when soft copies are readily available.

9) Power bank

For both iPhone and Android users, a power bank serves as an important backup for OAU students. Since students are constantly on their phones, a power bank is a reliable backup for when their phones run out of battery.

10) Water bottle

While it may seem like an odd observation, most OAU students are frequently seen with water bottles, likely as a means to stay hydrated or due to the intense heat from the sun.

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These items are almost always present in the possession of OAU students, as being an OAU student entails staying prepared for any situation. If there are any other items we may have missed, please feel free to add them in the comment section.

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